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Stuffed Care Bears

13 Inch Bears

item #namedescriptionprice
#Lotsaheart Elephantlooks great. more descrip to come with picture.$10
#Gentleheart Lamblooks gorgeous. more descrip to come with picture. Pretty sure the hair tuft is missing.$8
#Baby Hugs and Baby Tugsthese two are from my personal collection. Baby Hugs (the pink one) is a bit dirty, so I'll be washing her up asap. Baby Tugs looks really good. More descrip to come with new pix. I know my daughter will miss these two, but she has a ton of toys. That's why the price might seem high, though. Feel free to make an offer, especially if you're just looking for one of them.$25 for the pair.
#Cheer BearFrom my collection. She looks really very nice. The tush heart has a bit of wear to the edges of the words, but nothing major. $9
#Funshine BearFrom my collection. She's in nice shape, a bit of surface dirt that should clean off no problem. I'll try to run her through the washer at some point, but I use pay machines, so it might take a while. Some wear to the lettering on the tush heart, and the tag has lost all the text. No hair tuft. Still a total cutie, tho!$9
#Swiftheart Rabbit CubThis is the cub of Swiftheart Rabbit. He really is adorable! This little guy is in good shape, but not perfect. There is minor paint wear and possibly dirt on his face. Some of the face flocking is a bit worn off. There is a loose thread on the lace around his tush heart, and the lettering on the tag has worn off. The lettering on the tush heart looks great, however. Maybe the lightest of wear on the outer letters of Cousins. He really is a wonderful addition to any collection!$50 or best offer
#Tenderheart BearGreat shape. Details/pix to come$10
#Friend BearGreat shape. Details/pix to come.$10
#Bedtime BearNice shape. Details/pix to come.$8
More bears to come! Check back!!! (including penguin, lion, raccoon, another elephant & lamb, grumpy, share, and more bears. my whole collection is going up.)

6 Inch Bears

8Wish Bear6" plush. He's in good shape. Plush is a bit nappy, some wear on tush heart. He's still a doll!$7
9Tenderheart Bear6" plush. He's in great shape-I want to call him perfect, but can't. He's got some white scratches on his left eye and a bit of paint wear on his tush heart. Other than that-plush is great, hair tuft has curl, he's really lovely!$10
10Bedtime Bear #16" plush. He's in great shape-also pretty close to perfect. He's got some scratchiness on his tush heart and his hair tuft is uncurly. His plush is gorgeous, and he's a real sweetheart! But then, I have a Bedtime Bear Bias...:)$14
11Funshine Bear6" plush. She's in nice condition. Her plush is on the nappy side, and her body is a bit mishapen. Hair tuft is in a beginning "frizz" state. Tush heart has some wear. May just need a little TLC.$6
70Bedtime Bear #2Another 6" plush Bedtime Bear. He's in good shape top of head a bit smushy and hair tuft is frizzy at the ends, but overall still very nice!$6
Satin Tummy Bears
12Share BearHer hair tuft is kinda nappy looking. Tag has been cut off. There is a tiny speck of paint missing off her tush heart, but it's really barely noticable. Tummy looks a bit nappy, as does her plush.$3
Miscellaneous Care Bear Items
Miniatures & Poseables
26Bedtime Bear poseablehair tuft missing, scratches one nose & tummy paint, black marks on various areas of body-nothing major, but there.$3
62Grams BearShe's in nice to okay shape. Hair tuft is beautiful, and she has some paint rubbed off of her nose. Arms & legs have brownish spots on them, and are fading in general. $5
71Care-a-LotThis is a playset for the poseables. I think it's Care-a-lot, but I'm not totally sure. There are no accessories, but it's still nice for displaying.$10
73Cloud Carthis is a Cloud Car for the Care Bears. Seats 3 bears: two in the front, one in the back. Pretty much stripped down. Pictures to come.not priced yet
More poseables to be listed! My entire Care Bear collection is going up for sale, and that includes some poseables in various conditions. Check back occasionally. :)
57Love-a-Lot BearShe is holding up a bouquet of roses. Some minor paint wear, ink stains dotting her-mainly on back, but some on her right toes and left cheek. Also on her ears. She would still display nicely.$3
56Bedtime BearHe is falling asleep on a pink pillow. Nose paint is almost all worn off; tummy symbol has a decent sized wear spot on it. Some minor edge wear on pillow. Otherwise looks fine. Since you can't see his backside, the heart is on the pillow-a cute little touch!$3
72Bedtime Bear Pencil TopperThis is an all blue pencil topper of Bedtime Bear. Single color. Details are molded into item. Picture to come.not priced yet
17Proudheart Cat attachableI beleive this was a keychain, but the metal hook is missing. There is quite a bit of paint wear on the edges, and some plastic wear on the eartips, toes, and star he's holding up.$4
18Gentleheart Lamb attachablesmall keychain of the lamb cousin. Some surface dirt that should wash right off, very tiny paint wear on nose. Overall looks very good.$7
19Braveheart Lion attachablesmall keychain of the lion cousin. Missing the ring, but still has the hook peice. Some minor paint wear, otherwise looks great!$8
20Brightheart Racoon attachablesmall keychain of the racoon cousin. Has small key on ring. Paint wear, some pencil marks on tummy that should remove. May be faded as I can't really see any stripes.$5
24Tenderheart Bear attachable 1Poor condition. Lots of paint wear & dirt; gouge in tummy. Maybe with some TLC he'd look better. Price is flexible.$0.50
29Tenderheart Bear attachable 2lots of paint wear. no hangy-thing on top of head. $0.75
30Love-a-Lot Bear attachablesome assorted paint wear. no hangy thing on top of head. $2.50
31Good Luck Bear attachableLoose. No ring, but does have hangy-thing on top of head. Minor paint wear on nose, other edges. Looks quite good overall.$2.50
Attachables with card
58Loyalheart DogLoyalheart Dog attachable on card. This is in amazingly great shape! Both attachable & card are as close to mint as any that I've ever had. A tiny bit of white crackly on the front, but nothing that's even very noticable. (two available; both are in same condition.)$14
60Playfulheart MonkeyPlayfulheart Monkey attachable on card. This is as close to mint as they come. Some faint yellowing on the right edge of the card back, most likely a water stain. Also a tiny bid of white crackling on the front of the card-a little more noticable than on the Loyalheart Dog attachable, but still nothing major at all. (two available; both are in same condition.)$12
63Share BearShare Bear Attachable on card. Card is in poor shape, but the attachable inside is mint! The bubble holding the attachable on the card is yellowing and has some cracks and holes at the base. The card is warped and has a lot of edgewear. $15
64Good Luck BearGood Luck Bear attachable on card. Card is in blah shape, but attachable inside is mint! The plastic bubble isn't in bad shape, but the card is bending, peeling apart at the bottom corners, and has a good deal of wear. The back of the card has some minor spots, but no writing.$7
65Birthday BearBirthday Bear attachable on card. Attachable in perfect shape; bubble is yellow and has holes at the base. Card has a large watermark and is bending and peeling. $7
66Funshine Bear, #2Funshine Bear attachable on card. Bubble is yellow and has a hole at the top. Card is mainly flat, but does have a lot of wear. No writing on back.$7
67Funshine Bear, #1Funshine Bear attachable on card. Bubble is yellow and has cracks on top & bottom. Card is quite bent and peeling at the base. Back of card has writing in black marker.$7
69Love-a-Lot BearLove-a-lot Bear attachable on card. The card is in decent condition. Bubble is slightly yellow. Card has a bit of bending to it and some edgewear, but overall doesn't look bad at all. Back of card has some minor marks, but no writing.$8
68card to Birthday Bear attachablethis is the card only to the Funshine Bear attachable. It is in pretty poor condition. There is the Care Bear logo with Tenderheart Bear on the front in full color. The back has writing on it. There is also water damage to the base of the card. I am not charging anything for the card, but you must pay for postage.Free
33Care Bear video tapeVideo of Care Bears cartoon. Title: "The Care Bears Family Treasure Chest". 75 minutes. Includes 4 "fun-derful" Care Bear adventures (this is a quote of the carton). Has: "Cloud of Uncaring", "Lost at Sea", "Gram's Bears Thanksgiving Surprise", and "I, Robot Heart". Used to be a video store rental. Plays okay, a few lines on occasion & some wobbly sounding voices, no major problems.$16
34Care Bear video #2A Golden Book Video Classic-"3 Tales from the Care Bears". 30 minutes long. Rewinded really slowly for me, took me a long time to get the tracking right, and had a minor sound wobble. Included the stories: "Trouble with Timothy", Care Bear Cousins in "The Best Prize of All", and "Being Brave is Best". There is no sleeve, just the tape cassette itself. There are lots of scuffs & a crack on the case, but it did play allright for me.$6
41tape"A World Made of Love". I believe it goes to a book. Should play okay; I think I previewed it, but can't completely remember. $5
53Care Bear Cousins in the Forest of Feelingschild's board book. Wear, tiny tear on cover. Edges have some wear on pages. Overall in okay to good shape.$4
50The Witch Down the Streetinky page corners, damage to binding, otherwise okay.$1
52The Magic Wordssome dirt on front cover, otherwise looks very good to great.$3
Being Brave is Bestsome sticker residue on cover (front & back), writing inside of back cover. Overall in really great shape!$3
37Funshine MugThis is a mug of Funshine Bear. The cover is a cowboy hat, and has a hole for a straw to be inserted. It is in excellent condition.$12
35Care Bear Cupplastic cup of the Care Bears. Has Funshine & Friend Bears riding cloud planes, Grumpy Bear bouncing on a cloud, and Cheer Bear riding a cloud plane. There is a rainbow in the background, and there are hearts & smiling stars all around. Part of the decal has worn off underneath Cheer Bear. Inside the cup are some colored stains or marks.$3
39cupsame as previous cup of Care Bears, but in better condition. There is a tear in the corner above Cheer Bear, but it isn't too bad and the peice appears to have been transfered to inside the cup.$5

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