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Cassidy Layne at 3 Months
Cassie was absolutely miserable getting her picture taken this day! They turned out cute, but there wasn't a whole lot of variety to them.

This was the first picture she took. Well, first picture where she's awake! We went in during our scheduled time, but she couldn't stop crying long enough to get her picture taken. She did fall asleep, though, and I was given a free 8x10 of her asleep because she looked so cute and the girl really wanted to take her picture. Then I was told to bring her back later if I wanted, since they weren't very busy that day. Well, she was crabby later, too.

This was the second picture she took.

I wanted some pictures of the two of us. Unfortunately, my hair looks really stupid in this one. There's another picture of us both where we're looking at each other-I like that one MUCH better! I'll try to get it scanned soon. We took 3 picture together, but I didn't care for the first one at all and didn't get any prints made of it.

This is one taken a few weeks after the other set. It's one where they come to your house to take the pictures, then charge an arm & a leg for the prints. And wouldn't you know it-when they came to photograph Cassie, she had a rash, with a nice big red scab in the middle of her forehead, so I had to put a hat on her!
What's really crazy is after explaining to the guy that I was a single-mother-unemployed-college student, he told me he'd give me the $200 package at the $150 price. A few weeks later, my sister had her son's picture done with the same company. She was given 4 5x7's and a set of wallets for buying one 5x7! (the deal is you get a 5x7 for free regardless). Why couldn't I have gotten an offer like that?!?

One more picture of Cassie & me to come; 1 more pictures of Cassie by herself to come.