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Cassidy Layne at 9 Months
These are my most recent pictures of Cassidy. I haven't scanned all of them yet, so there's more to come.

The dress is from Ross. I was dying for a cute little yellow dress for her to wear for summer! There was a fancy Easter dress at Wal-Mart that I'd wanted, but by the time I went to buy it, it was gone! I found this, simpler than what I'd wanted, but I really like it a lot after seeing Cass wearing it. The hairclip is from (you guessed it!) Target.

I wanted some pictures of the two of us. This is actually the second one we took. I like this one better than the other anyway. I'd wanted to get my hair colored before the pictures, but that didn't work out.

One more picture of Cassie & me to come; 3 more pictures of Cassie by herself to come.