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These are my first pictures of Cassidy. I haven't scanned all of them yet, so there's more to come. And yes, you may call me a dork for doing this!

I cut out all the stuff on the sides. This is of her face. You should be able to make out her head-brain, eye sockets, nose, and chin. You can also see her shoulders, ribcage, and chest area.
I've been told she looks like a skull/skeleton, an alien, and the Cryptkeeper in this ultrasound image.

Once again, I cropped the image down. This is a much more flattering picture! Profile of the head-you should be able to make out the nose, lips, and chin. You can also see the ribcage, hands, and arms. And if you don't see a baby in this one, well, you're just plain hopeless!

I have 3 more ultrasound images. I will scan at least two of them; the third was proof that she was a girl, so I may not scan that one for public viewing as I don't think it's appropriate to put up.