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Jenn's First Care Bear Auction

Hello and welcome to my first Care Bear Auction. All prices are in US dollars. Please read through the rules on this page before you place any bids. If you have any questions, please ask them before you bid.

This auction never actually happened, as I ended up not having the time to run it properly. I thought I'd taken down all the links, but if you're reading this, apparently I didn't. Some of these items are still available; if you're dying to get your hands on something listed here, lmk and I'll see if we can't work something out.

Click here to see the items, including descriptions, scans, and current bid status.
If you want to see a text only list of what I am selling, scroll down. :) That way you don't have to wait for all the images to come up if you think you might not be interested in anything I have. :)

List of items available for auction:

  • poseable Tenderheart Bear
  • poseable Love-a-lot Bear
  • poseable Cheer Bear
  • poseable Friend Bear
  • poseable Bedtime Bear
  • poseable Wish Bear
  • poseable Birthday Bear
  • poseable Good Luck Bear
  • toy phones
  • 6 inch plush Wish Bear
  • 6 inch plush Love-a-lot Bear
  • 6 inch plush Tenderheart Bear
  • 6 inch plush Funshine Bear
  • 6 inch plush Bedtime Bear
  • 6 inch plush Grumpy Bear

    Pictures, descriptions, and bid status of the above items can be seen on the following page.