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This is my senior picture, taken late in 1992:

Here a picture of me holding Z-no, he's not too happy about it, but I love holding the little ball of fluff! This is from mid 1993.

Here's a picture of my cranky little Z, taken January 1998

Here's a picture of the Tim-cat, taken at the same time:

and if you couldn't tell, they're my cats.... :)

Some things I like

Yuppers, decided to redo the page. Just a list of some of the things I'm a bit more fond of in this world:
my cats, My Little Ponies (you knew it was gonna be here), Nirvana, black eyeliner, Phantasy Star IV for Sega Genesis, flea markets, lightning, a power outage when you have nothing to do anyway, cream cheese on bagels, tarot cards, Beanie Baby cats, Patti, Magic, Valentino, and the teenies, newsgroups, science labs (better like them-it's only my major!), Tralfamadorians and Grays, singing, bushwoolies, Mad About You and NewsRadio and about a bazillion other TV shows, the fact that Lost in Space knocked Titanic out of the #1 spot, the fact that women can wear either dresses or pants and not be looked at funny, birdwatching (and bugwatching...and squirrelwatching...and flowerwatching...okay, I like nature-get the idea?), the Sony Playstation and Final Fantasy VII, my FF7 action figs, Breyer horses, really long hair, when the temperature isn't a bazillion degrees, crafts, roast beef sandwiches, fresh salsa with cilantro

Things I'm a bit less than fond of

migraine headaches and not being able to eat anything, make-up in general, PERFUME!!! (and any other migraine trigger, for that matter), finding MLP's in bad condition that don't even qualify for the Punk Rock PonyZ, waking up with a sore neck, waking up with it again the next day, writing up lab reports, heat waves and driving a black car with a broken air conditioner, mildew, the way Z & Tim get kitty litter EVERYWHERE!!!