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Since I often forget to change links on pages, this will be the page where I keep track of all the different pages and how to get to them. Hopefully I can actually keep this up! :)

this page was created April 11, 1999
this page was last updated Dec. 27, 2001

still needs some updating, tho....

Alphabetical list of directories I have:

auction directory-includes pictures of items I may be auctioning.
cbpix-pictures of Care Bear related items, for sale or auction.
pagestuff-images I use on my page
salepix-images of miscellaneous items for sale
saleponies-MLP sale directory-includes images of ponies for sale and the pages where the ponies are described.
sscpix-Strawberry Shortcake images of items that are for trade, sale, or auction.
tradeponies-MLP trade directory-images of the ponies I have for trade.

Pages in my main directory

Auction page 1-page one of my MLP auction. Updated quite regularly, mostly when I'm running an auction. Number of auction pages varies; links to all are present at the bottom of the first page.
auction page 2
auction page 3
auction page 4
auction page 5
auction page 6
auction page 7
Auction graveyard-when a new auction starts, the sold items that were never paid for get moved here.
Auction rules-read before bidding.
Unsold Auction items-items from the auction that don't get bid on. Currently empty.
Care Bears for sale-includes stuffed animals and miscellaneous items.
Care Bear books-all for sale; didn't want the main Care Bear page to get too big. :)
My MLP Collection list-not frequently updated
My non-MLP collection list-not frequently updated
Custom MLP's I have made-not frequently updated
People I have traded with and are trustworthy
A page I made for Icicle when I was showing her some ponies I had for trade-need to organize the ponies remaining & delete page.
this page
Front page-needs a major overhaul.
Information on what's delaying my e-mail replies
Keypers for sale-I'm selling my entire collection, so check it out!
links to other pages-not frequently updated
Miscellaneous toys for sale
Fisher Price Little People for sale-has not been updated recently.
All about Me-hasn't been updated recently
Monster in my Pocket for sale
MLP holding corral-where ponies go when they're off the trade list but not on the sale list yet. I will still trade them, though. :)
MLP for trade
MLP for trade
MLP for trade
My MLP want list-no longer trading! page to be deleted soon.
FAQ about buying items
my payment guidelines
miscellaneous stuffed animals for sale
pony vote page-soon to be deleted
registration for my MLP auction-old registration, may be deleted
webrings I belong to
partial list of my sale pages
Strawberry Shortcake for sale/trade-needs updating.
Toys for trade-soon to be deleted?
Rules on trading with me

Pages in my saleponies directory

Auction rules-old version, I think. soon to be deleted.
MLP for sale page 2
MLP for sale page 3
MLP for sale page 4
MLP for sale page 1
old MLP auction page
old MLP auction page

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