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More MLP Stuff For Trade

Plush Ponies
Special Offer Ponies
Pony Friends
Dream Beauties
Pony Wear

Plush Ponies:
I am more than willing to trade plush ponies for regular ponies.
full listing (with prices! Wow!) of plush ponies I have for sale right here.
pony namedescription
Bow Tiedescription to come. Listed 6-26-98
Poseyred mark on mouth that might wash off; overall looks pretty good. Some eye scratches, but not too bad. Listed 6-28-98
Lickety Splitdirty; still needs to get washed up! Some eye scratches. Listed 6-28-98
Baby Lickety Splitvery good condition-some surface dirt, face a bit squished, tag has some tears, but overall she's still a cutie! Listed 8-1-98
Baby Loftyso-so condition; hair much shorter than it should be, and has a course feel to it. Also, not as curly as it should be. Eyes have been scratched up. Listed Oct. 16-98

Special Offer Ponies:

(added 7/9)
  • Baby Ember-all blue-needs a scrub, small scratch on one eye-on hold
  • Baby Ember-all blue-needs a scrub, tiny scratch on one eye-on hold
  • Baby Ember-lavendar body-forelock trim, scratched eye, needs a scrub

    added 1/9/99
    Wavysea sparkle baby seapony-body is faded somewhat, has ink marks on her. Hair may have been trimmed a bit.
    Wavysea sparkle baby seapony-has a yellow crackly appearance on part of her body, may be plastic damage, but may be residue that will scrub off. Hair is dull, maybe a bit frizzy.
    Sea Shimmerpearly baby seapony-has some pink marks on right side of body that aren't showing up in the scan.

    none listed now
    Pony Friends:
    none listed now
    Dream Beauties
    none listed now

    Pony wear:

    (added 6/25)
  • pink saddle to Great Skates outfit
  • 2 lavendar shoes, go to Pony Royale outfit

    Pony accessories:

    (added 6/29)
  • Sandbox for Jebber and Jabber
  • Wedding cake for Pony Bride-tear on one of the stickers
    (added 7/6)
  • Cowboy hat for Tex-would like to trade this for one of the Big Bro hats I need, but will consider all trade offers-on sale page
    (added 8/1)
  • Sun N' Fun-Mommy pony swimsuit bottoms.
    none listed, but I have some on my sale page.

    Playset accessories:

    added 6/25)
  • lavendar chair to Paradise Estates
  • lavendar saddle and bridle to Pretty Parlor; no reins for bridle
  • Basket, wheels, and handle to Cuddles' buggy
  • Puzzles I have for trade are listed on my sale page now, along with other items. I will trade items listed on my sale page.
    Miscellaneous MLP stuff:

    (added 6/25)
  • packaged napkins-have a picture of Glory on the front and Firefly on the insert.
    I have mentioned any flaws I could notice on the ponies in their description. When e-mailing me to ask about trading for a pony, PLEASE copy and paste the entire description or give me some info on it's condition so I'll know which pony you want.

    My Want List

    e-mail me
    back-up e-mail-use this one only if absolutely necessary, please-I don't check it as often. I am currently unable to check it at all, so please don't use that addy.

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