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1998 MLP For Sale

I'm pretty sure I've moved everything to my regular sale pages. I don't know if I even have a link to this page anymore. If you found it, kudos! Figure out a way to contact me or get to my MLP sale section since you're so durn smart and want some of them ponies! :)

The Ponies:

the following have all cards & accessories. The ponies are currently in the card, but they have been removed; I simply put them back into the bubble for safe keeping, then used some tape to seal up the bubble.

*Berry Bright

*Sky Skimmer

*Morning Glory

*Sundance (magic motion)

*Ivy (magic motion)

The following have never been opened or removed from their cards:

*Moonshadow-current offer: $10 by Orin

*Sweetberry & Ivy (sunny garden friends set)

*Light Heart & Sundance (sunny garden friends set)


For each of the above ponies, my ideal starting price is $10 per item.


these have been opened; stickers have been applied; ponies have been played with, but are complete & include boxes & all accessories.

*Light Heart w/ canopy bed-ideal starting price-$10

*Dainty Dove w/ wedding altar-ideal starting price-$10

*Ivy with Pretty Parlor-ideal starting price-$15

*Garden Playset-ideal starting price-$18

Miscellaneous Stuff:

*3 keychains?; still on cards-ideal starting price-$5 per keychain

scans of keychains:

Light Heart Keychain

Morning Glory Keychain

Sundance Keychain

*all four 24 piece jigsaw puzzles; unopened-ideal starting price-$4 per puzzle

*stickers from Smilemakers; selling sets of individual stickers-there are 5 different stickers available, and I have 6 copies of each sticker. see a scan of the stickers. Ideal starting price-$1 per sticker set.

current sticker offers:


*all 6 beanies-ideal starting price-$6 per beanie

scans of beanies:

Ivy beanie

Sundance beanie

Light Heart Beanie

Sky Skimmer beanie

Dainty Dove Beanie

Sweet Berry beanie

*McD figures, loose & MIB-ideal starting price-$1 for bagged figures, $0.50 for loose figures.

*McD Happy Meal bags from MLP promo; 2 different types-ideal starting price-$0.50 per bag

"Ideal starting price" simply means that this is the minimum price I am thinking would be fair, but I will accept offers that are lower. In the end, I will ultimately sell to the highest offer, though. :)

Shipping costs extra, unless I get a really good price on an item and state otherwise. In some cases, I may have to ask for a small packaging fee, which would just be the cost of the materials I use to ship the item. This usually only applies to items sent in padded envelopes.

Send any questions & offers to: If you have questions about payment, please check the following two pages first:

payment guidelines

payment faq