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Frequently Asked Questions about Purchases, Payment Guidelines, and Auctions

Hello and welcome to my FAQ. This section will be undergoing a good bit of construction. I hope to be able to replace my payment rules site, auction rules site, and trade rules site with just this FAQ site to make my entire site a bit easier on both you AND me! :)
The main emphasis on this site is My Little Ponies. I do have some non-MLP sale pages; everything on this page applies to the sale of those items also.

What I should know about buying toys

What I should know about paying for toys

What I should know about the MLP auction

What I should know about International orders

Buying Items:

  • I am interested in some items you have on your sale list. How do I go about buying them?
    First, decide which items you are interested in. Look at the scans of them and read the descriptions to make sure you know what their condition is and really want that pony. Then send me an e-mail with a list of the item number (if available), item name, and item's price. I will reply to you with a total and place the item on hold for you. I hold items for up to 2 weeks, so be sure to send your payment as soon as you can.

  • I am interested in something, but it says "hold" by the price-what does that mean?
    If it says "hold" by the price of an item (or somewhere else in the item description), that means someone else has already asked to purchase it.

  • Can I buy something that is marked "hold"?
    If something is marked hold, you can not buy it. However, you can e-mail me and tell me that you are interested in the item if it becomes available again. I will mark this down in my notebook, and if I do not receive payment from the original person interested, I will contact you when their hold is up and ask you if you still want to buy that item. If you are no longer interested in the item, you do not need to buy it, but you will get the next chance to buy it before I make it available to everyone again.

  • Can I buy a pony off of your trade list?
    No. The ponies on my trade list are for trade only. If I decide to sell it, I will either put it on my MLP auction or my sale page.

  • Can I trade for a pony off of your sale list?
    Yes! I am more than happy to trade ponies that are listed on my sale list.

    Paying for Items:

  • How do I get payment to you?
    Here are your options:
  • Mail it. Can be in the form of cash (sent at your risk), check (two weeks clearance before item ships) or money order (ships as soon as I can post it).
  • Paypal. I can only take non-credit card transactions. Be sure to e-mail me about an item before you try to paypal with me!

  • Do I pay for the item before or after you send it to me?
    You must pay for any items you are interested in before I will send them to you.

  • Do you accept money orders?
    Yes! You may pay for items with a money order, and I will ship any items paid for by money order as soon as I am able to get to the post office.

  • Do you accept personal checks?
    Yes, but I do have a hold policy for checks. The first check I receive from a person will be held for 2 weeks. The second check I receive from a person will be held for 1 week. After I have received 2 or more checks from a person, I will treat it just like a money order and ship items as soon as I am able to get to the post office.

  • What if my check bounces?
    This is why I hold checks! :) If a check I receive bounces, I will ask that payment be sent in the form of a money order. I will also add a fee for the bounced check to cover any charges made by my bank for the bounced check. If you do not clear the fee, I will put you on a list of people that I will not deal with, and reserve the right to warn others that you sent me a check that bounced.

  • Do you accept cash?
    Yes, but I do not recommend sending cash in the mail! It is very risky, and I have had situations where people have sent me cash payments, then the payments never arrived. If you absolutely must send cash, then I recommend you make sure it is well concealed in the envelope and e-mail me to tell me exactly when the cash was sent so that I can know when to expect it.

  • Do you accept credit cards?
    No, I do not accept credit card payments.

  • Do I have to pay for shipping?
    In most cases, yes. Sometimes I will include shipping costs in the price of an item, but unless I specifically say that, then the buyer must pay shipping costs.

  • Do you charge for shipping supplies?
    If the item can be sent by Priority Mail, I do not charge for shipping supplies. Also, if the item can be sent in a box, I generally do not charge for shipping supplies. In some situations, though, I do have to add a small charge for shipping supplies. This is generally when I have to buy a padded envelope or special container to send an item in.

  • How do you determine shipping?
    The United States Postal Service has a postage rate calculator online. Their website is You can determine shipping costs both within the United States and to foreign countries. I have a small scale that I use to determine how much a package weighs, then use that weight at the USPS rate calculator to find out how much it will cost to send a package.

  • Should I include any information when I send payment?
    Yes. Please be sure to include a note with your payment that states the following:
    -your shipping address
    -what items you are buying
    -your e-mail address
    this information will help me out tremendously as it will tell me everything I need to know to get your item ready to send. When I simply get a payment in an envelope with no return address, it is very difficult for me to know what the payment is for, what items I am supposed to send, and who I am supposed to send the items to.

  • Is it okay if I just use my return address on the envelope instead of writing my address again in a note?
    Yes, that is fine, but please be sure to note somewhere what the payment is for. Making a note on the memo area of the payment is fine. When I receive payment, I immediately write down the name of the person who sent the payment, what they paid for, and how they paid for it in my payment notebook. I also put the envelope in my notebook so I will have the shipping address nearby. I usually deposit the payment before I ship an item though-this is always true if it is a check payment. Because of this, it is very important that your shipping address is included somewhere other than the payment itself.

    Auction Information:

    this section will be added eventually, maybe, we hope

    International Orders:

  • Do you accept orders from people in other countries?
    Yes, I DO accept international orders, under the following conditions:
    -the buyer must pay in US dollars
    -the items must be shipped via airmail
    -shipping costs are the buyer's expense

  • What form of currency do you accept?
    I can only accept payments in the form of US dollars.

  • What kind of international shipping options do I have?
    I am now requiring that all international shipping be done by airmail. I like to follow all orders through, and I do not delete the information about an item or pictures of an item until I have heard from the buyer and know that they are satisfied with what they bought. Since surface shipping can take as long as 2 months, this leaves an item in "limbo" for a very long time.
    Well, I have decided that if surface is wayyyyyy cheaper and you don't mind that you'll be waiting ages for the package to arrive, you can have the option of surface. Not bad if it's just going to Canada, or even Mexico, but if you're in Australia....let's just go air! Europe-totally up to you, though I'd recommend air. If you're farther east than Europe or farther south than Mexico, once again, I'd recommend air, though the final decision is up to you. I won't guarantee or accept returns with surface shipping, though!

    If you have a question about purchasing that I did not address, please e-mail me with the question so I can add it to this list.