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Pony Vote Page

Okay, I've decided to forget about trying to wait until I finish up with Mommy Squirmy before doing another ponyvote page because that could take me forever. And I want some ideas for this next custom! Basically, she can be anything-not necessarily a mommy pony to some poor, orphaned baby.

I have a Parasol that is in bad shape-her tail is missing, her mane has been butchered, and her symbol is gone now. (the only part I did was the symbol removal, and it was already fading.) Anyway, she needs to become a new pony-literally! I'm now taking ideas as for what I should do with Parasol-or should I say the pony formerly known as Parasol? So send in your custom ideas for my pony! After I list all the ideas, I'll start with the votes again.

Ideas for Parasol's Makeover:
#1-Pierced Pony-Parasol has pin marks on her ears already, and I found an earring that I have NO idea where it came from, so I stuck it in her ear. And since I am fond of piercing in general, I thought a piercing pony would be kool-give her earrings, a nose stud, an eyebrow ring, and maybe some other stuff. Ponys don't have navels, or she'd get that too. What would the symbol be, though? Maybe some piercing jewelry? A glittery symbol depicting a ring and a stud would be appropriate, imo. I think I'll give her green hair if this one's the winner.
#2-Mommy Tappy-Aren't those newborn babies just darling? But the poor things have no parents! Well, Baby Squirmy is in the process of getting a mommy, so perhaps Baby Tappy should also get a mommy? I could give Parasol yellow hair and paint a symbol of sneakers on her. (I really don't see how those things can be called TAP SHOES!!!) As for the body color, so it's a shade or two off? It's not like Hasbro cared much about accuracy-after all, Baby Fifi wasn't a unicorn, and just LOOK at the taf babies! ;)
Do you have an idea for what Parasol should look like? E-mail me and send me your idea! I promise you'll get credit for it!

Baby Squirmy is a newborn baby. Her hair is turqoise and her symbol is a snail. Her mommy is still in the works-I need to find a way to turn yellow hair turquoise!

Like the buttons? Sparkler made them for me. If you'd like some made, get in touch with her. I'd give you her e-mail addy, but she's on juno and every time she gets 10 or more messages they automatically get deleted. So just go check out her page instead and find her e-mail addy on your own.

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