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Currently, nothing on sale.

Scans of the ponies can be found by the links on the pony's name. If you're interested in a pony that hasn't been scanned yet, please e-mail me to ask about it. I'll try to have any ponies you might be interested in scanned and uploaded as soon as possible, I just need to know that someone's interested. :)

I've decided to list my 1997/1998 MLP's for sale up here. Most of the ponies have been opened, but do include all accessories. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Some items may be missing their horseshoe points. Items with bubbles that have been opened may have tape on the sliced sides to keep them together.
Many of these items have been boxed up & I haven't had a chance to look at them in quite a while; as a result, I don't really remember a lot of the specifics on the items. I would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the condition of an item, as well as scan any items that do not have pictures available yet.
item #item namedescriptionprice and hold status
981Berry BrightOn card, but bubble has been sliced open so that you can take the pony out. Should have all accessories.$10
982Sky SkimmerOn card, but bubble has been sliced open so that you can take the pony out. Should have all accessories.$10
983Morning GloryOn card, but bubble has been sliced open so that you can take the pony out. Should have all accessories.$10
984Magic Motion SundanceOn card-bubble has been sliced open so you can take the pony out. Should have all accessories.$12
985Magic Motion IvyOn card, but the bubble has been sliced open so you can take the pony out. Should have all accessories. Neck may be broken; she is in the exact condition as when I bought her, though.$12
986MoonshadowStill on card, completely unopened.$12
987Sweetberry & IvySunny Garden Friends set-still on card, completely unopened.$15
988Light Heart & SundanceSunny Garden Friends set-still on card, completely unopened.$15
989Cupcakestill on card, completely unopened$12
All playsets have been opened, stickers applied, contruction has occured, but the sets are complete and in excellent shape.
991Light Heart & Canopy Bedcomes with box; should be complete.$15
992Dainty Dove & wedding altarcomes with all packaging; should be complete.$15
994Garden Playsetcomes with box & all packaging. No pony was included with this playset, but it does have accessories.$22
996Morning Glory Keychainstill on card$6
997Sundance Keychainstill on card$6
998all four jigsaw puzzlesall four of the 24 piece jigsaw puzzles. Will sell individually or as a lot. 2 of the boxes are completely unopened. Other two have been opened & my daughter builds them. Eventually all four will likely be opened for my daughter to play with, since no one seems to be interested in them.

picture of 2 puzzles

$5 per puzzle
$15 for all 4 puzzles
999stickersset of 5 stickers from Smilemakers. 6 sets available.$2 per set
All beanies still have their tags. They are in excellent condition. The tags may have minor creasing; I tried to get the ones in the best possible shape, but they were all tossed in a bin so I got what I got.
980Ivy Beaniepony beanie.$9
979Sundance Beaniepony beanie$9
978Light Heart Beaniepony beanie.$9
977Sky Skimmer Beaniepony beanie.$9
976Dainty Dove Beaniepony beanie$9
975Sweet Berry Beaniepony beanie$9
974McDonalds figuresfigures are still in bag. Have Ivy, Sundance, and Light Heart figures. So far I have:

5 of Ivy
2 of Light Heart
2 of Sundance

$2 per figure
973McDonalds Figuresfigures are loose. Have Ivy, Sundance, and Light Heart. Items are in varying conditions; I will cut the price in half if the figure has flaws.

So far, I have

  • 1 of Ivy
  • 5 of Light Heart
  • 3 of Sundance
  • $1 per figure
    972McDonalds Happy Meal Bags2 different designs. Have ponies on half of the bag & Beast Wars Transformers on the other half of the bag. May have minor grease spots from the french fries. Have multiples of each bag. So far I have:

    4 of House (1 is crumply)
    2 of Bridge

    $0.50 per bag
    971Light Heart stickerfrom set in item #999, I have one extra sticker of Light Heart.$0.50

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    Chanth's Sale Pages-If I don't have what you're looking for, try Chanth.
    Ivy's Page is where I got the pictures of Snuzzle & Parasol-thanx Ivy!!!

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    treatments I may mention in item descriptions
    Hot water treatment-involves removing a pony's head & filling the pony with hot water to reshape bodies that are misshapen. I've never tried this, but have heard that it works well.

    Bleach treatment-involves putting Clearasil or Oxy 10 (or any acne cream containing benzoyl peroxide) on permanant marks on a pony to bleach them off. After putting the cream on, put the pony in the sun. Repeat the treatment until the mark fades. Works best on yellow ponies. Also can be used on white ponies (but leaves a yellow tint), green ponies (same color as Minty) and some other ponies. I have tried this and it does work, but you must take care in what color pony you try it on; certain colored ponies bleach out stains better than others.

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