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What you should know:
  • I've tried to detail condition meticulously. The only flaws I might fail to mention are marks under their feet that aren't noticable when the pony is on display (I try to mention these, but may forget), a turning head, a rattle, or a tail that removes. If you have any questions about flaws like these, please feel free to ask me about them in regards to a specific pony you may be interested in.

  • My return policy is that if I failed to mention a flaw, you may return the pony within 1 week of receiving it. I may ask that you send me a scan of the flaw, if at all possible. If I failed to mention a flaw, I will cover shipping costs to return.
  • If I DID mention the flaw, but you've changed your mind, I will accept the return, but I will not cover shipping costs at all. So please be sure you read the description ahead of time and ask any questions you may have. When asking questions, please be specific as to what kind of details you are interested in.
  • If I'm busy, it will take me some time to reply to messages by e-mail. If I do not reply to you within one week, please send me a reminder e-mail. Please allow at least 2 days for me to reply to your message. Information on what may be delaying me can be found here.

  • Prices do not include shipping. Shipping costs are extra and depends on how many ponies you are purchasing and in some cases where the ponies are going. Since the Post Office seems to be changing rates every other day now, I will no longer be listing an estimate of what shipping will cost.
  • If you want to find out shipping costs, the US Postal Service has a web site here and they have a rate calculator. You can punch in the zip code of where an item is coming from, where it's going to, the item's weight, and find out what shipping will cost. I usually put in a California zip code for one side (mine is 95825) and a New York zip code for the other side (such as 10011) to get an average of shipping costs. An adult pony weighs about 4 ounces and a baby pony weighs about 2 ounces.
  • I do charge a small packaging fee to help cover the costs of buying padded envelopes to ship ponies in. An average cost for packaging is $0.60 for one pony, $1 for 2 or more ponies. With large lots, if I have a box handy, I will not charge a packaging fee.
    In some cases, I may add together the shipping and packaging total; if you prefer I list them separately, let me know.

  • If you have questions about sending payment, please check my payment guidelines or my payment faq.

  • When e-mailing me to ask to purchase ponies, be sure to include the item number, pony name, and price. This will make it much quicker and easier for me to put the ponies on hold for you! If you are asking about an extended hold, please include a list of the ponies you are interested in and how long you need the hold for. I will then let you know if I can do an extended hold for you. I normally only hold ponies for about a week, and may not send a reminder to you when I take them off hold!
  • International Pony Collectors-please read: I am taking international orders again, but I will require the following:
    -airmail shipping must be purchased
    -payment must be in the form of US dollars
    -I will not send change unless you forewarn me that change will be needed!
    Please remember to read my payment guidelines and payment faq BEFORE e-mailing me, as it will answer a lot of questions and give you a lot of good information about buying from me.

  • E-mail Your Order To Me

    Updates to this section:
  • some of the puzzles on this page have been located! Many of the others are locatable! (is that a word?) Anyway, lmk if you're interested in any of them!
  • a couple of loose 1998 ponies have been added to page 2!
  • the remainders of my 1998 MLP collection has been added to page 5!
  • I'm not sure, but I may have added ponies to Page 3.
  • Page 4 actually has ponies listed on it again.

  • Special offers on this section:

    none at the moment

    Ponies For Sale
    Item #item namedescriptionprice and hold status
    108Parasol rainbow-no tail, major brown stains on left side. CUSTOM BAIT!!!!!$1.00
    347Baby Tiddley Winksno tail, faded mane, chew marks on right legs, some small scratches on symbols. being customized
    *367*Fake ponylavendar pony with glass eyes, purple hair. Symbol is 3 umbrellas and 3 hearts. Has a white blaze on her face. Hair is frizzy and she has a few minor spots on her body-look to be paint so they should remove.$1
    (free w/ $10+ purchase)
    371Bow Tie stampmissing inkpad/base piece. There are a few small black marks on the left side of the pony, but these may wash off. Overall it's in great shape, though. The stamp works perfectly, and would be great for anyone that wants to decorate notes with a stamp of Bow Tie-all you need is a stamp pad to ink it up with.$4.00
    Miscellaneous MLP Stuff For Sale
    item #item namedescription & picture linksprices
    I just got a digital camera! I also found most of the puzzles. I'll try to get the puzzle section as updated as possible.
    Any puzzle purchase that totals $10 or more will get you a 10% discount on your items being purchased. (please note that shipping & packaging costs will not apply to the total, nor will they be discounted)
    Basically, what this means is if you buy stuff from me, and one of those items is a puzzle, and the items total $10 or more, you'll get a 10% discount. So move the decimal point on the item total to the left one digit and that's how much you'll save! :)
    #2003Puzzle of Newborn Babies24 piece. very good condition, no pieces are missing- see picture here I'm not sure where this puzzle is, so it's on hold at the moment. I'll update it found when I locate it. $2.50-hold until located
    sweetheart sisters puzzle100 pieces. complete
    Year 7
    picture here As you can see in the picture, I have two. I'd be more than happy to give better details if you're interested in getting one.
    Pony Bride puzzle1 piece missing
    Year 8
    picture here
    Windy Wing ponies puzzle24 pices. complete, poor box.
    picture here
    Pretty Parlor puzzlecomplete
    picture here
    Sprinkles' Waterfall in clouds puzzlecomplete
    picture here
    Playing PoniesThis puzzle has Dream Castle far in the background. You see rainbow Tickle on a cloud. YOu also see rainbow Trickles and Starflower, along with Peachy, Firefly, and Twinkles playing in a field. There is a tree. I will try to have a pic up.
    All pieces there. Box complete, but some bending on bottom half, masking tape, other wear & tear. 100 pieces, all are there. #4576-2 for your reference-please include entire puzzle descrip if you want to buy this one. :)

    Playsets and Accessories

    I'm trying to remember to get pictures up. Hopefully someday!

    Perm ShoppeIncludes the base-missing the lace and 3 of the plastic ribbon attachments. Has been taken apart so that the two sides are separated from the back wall, and the ceilings have been removed from the two side pieces also. It should all reattach just fine, though.
    Accessories: 2 shelves/counters that attach inside the building, 2 ceiling lamps, a hanging "Boutique" sign, the base to the ribbon stand, the heart shaped tub, the counter, a circular pink piece with a picture of a bow on it, a heart shaped mirror that goes on top of the playset, a chair, the front step.
    Also included is twice as fancy Fifi in okay to good condition.
    No photo of the playset at this time, and I have no idea when I'll be able to get one. If you have any questions about what the accessories are, lmk. I may eventually get some scans of the smaller items up, but probably not the base itself. Everything included is in good shape-the roof/ceiling pieces are a bit discolored, but nothing looks to be broken.
    $25 plus shipping
    Perm Shoppe accessoriesA few loose accessories-all look to be in good condition. E-mail me if you have any questions; I will try to get scans up soon.

    -Curler shelf-attaches to the wall of the shoppe and can hold 6 curlers-$1.50
    -Heart shaped tub-this is two pieces, a blue tub and the pink base that holds it. $3
    -seat-this is where the customers sit to have their beauty needs taken care of. $1.50
    -top to the back wall section-on the actual playset, the back wall which has the shower mechanism has a top/roof piece that removes; that's what this piece is. $1

    entire lot-$6

    item prices:
    wall cover-$1
    curler shelf-$1.50

    Birthday Poster This is a birthday poster of Quackers. The scan shows the package picture. Inside the package is a folded up poster. The poster is mint, but the package is in varying condition as I have quite a few of these posters available. Overall, they're in okay to good shape. Total of 11

    price includes shipping

    E-mail Your Order To Me
    MLP Sale Page part 2
    MLP Sale Page part 3
    MLP Sale Page part 4
    MLP Sale Page part 5
    payment guidelines
    payment faq
    Chanth's Sale Pages-If I don't have what you're looking for, try Chanth.
    Ivy's Page is where I got the pictures of Snuzzle & Parasol-thanx Ivy!!!

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