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This is a list of Strawberry Shortcake items that I will sell or trade. Shipping is not included in prices. To see what I will trade for, visit my want list.
Regarding items for sale: I need to get payment first. I will add an amount to cover shipping and packaging to cover my costs for those aspects. If you want something, e-mail me about it. I will hold it for 1-2 weeks while I wait for payment; if I don't get payment, then it's off hold.
Order form-opens in a new window & gets me all the info I need to process your order asap!
Strawberry Shortcake For Sale or Trade
Dolls and related items
119Maple Syrupthis is the Strawberry Shortcake horse. She originally came with a saddle and a cart to pull around figures in. All I have here is the pony. She's absolutely gorgeous, though. Hair is smooth and silky, paint on hooves & eyes is flawless. I'm not noticing much scent, but I also just washed her up.$10
120Cherry CuddlerShe's having a bad hair day! Her hair is sticking straight up. I've given her a quick wash, and outside of the fact that she doesn't have any clothes and her hair is a mess, she's okay otherwise. I don't notice a scent to her.$4
121Apple Dumplin'Hair could use some styling, but its in good shape otherwise. There are a couple of plugs that are sparse to gone, but it's not that noticeable. No clothes. There's a small black spot on the back of her head, one of those measle-looking ones, but nothing on her face. Still has a nice strong scent!$5
126Party HatThis is a really cute little party hat! It is light yellow with darker yellow hearts all over. There is an orange heart on the top with two little green leaves coming out. There is a piece of elastic string to hold the hat onto the party-goers head. I don't know what to price this item at yet, but feel free to make an offer. I'd love to trade for something on my want price yet
Miscellaneous Items
104Curtainthis is a cloth curtain. There is only one. It could use a wash, but all the seams look good. The pattern on it includes Strawberry Shortcake & Custard outside a strawberry house with Blueberry Muffin nearby, Apple Dumpling riding a snail that is pulling a berry cart, Raspberry Tart sitting on a swing with the kid who wears glasses (don't know his name!), Huckleberry Pie fishing with Pupcake.
Additional info: I was recently asked the dimensions of the curtain; while measuring it, I noticed an area with some dirt-I'm not sure how well it will wash out, but I imagine it should. I misplaced the measurements, but if you'd like them please lmk as I'd be more than happy to re-measure the curtain. :)
105TV Tray 1one leg was coming off, but it has been repaired. Has a few dents, some minor surface dirt and rust spots. Overall in good shape.$6
106TV Tray 2better condition-has a lot of surface dirt and needs some cleaning. Some small rust spots on leg attachments, under tray. A few minor dings and paint wear. Overall in really good shape.$8
125cloth ornamentThis is a cute little Holiday ornament. It is mainly red with some white ornamentation. The center shows Strawberry Shortcake hanging a wreath on her door. The door also has a bell with a sprig of holly on it. A satiny red ribbon is attached to the top of the ornament for hanging on whatever you'd like to decorate. $4
124Custard & Pupcake statueThis is a cute, plastic little statuette of Pupcake and Custard. It has been painted and doesn't look too bad, but could use at least some touch-ups to the paint.$8
107booktitle-"Strawberry Shortcake and the Birthday Surprise". Overall in very good condition-no writing on inside pages. Some writing on cover with wax pencil-should remove. Some minor dirt on cover and normal wear.$4
111"Country Jamboree"no scratches. Is the narration and songs about a picnic. Sleeve in okay shape; some wax pencil marks, wear & tear, tape. Songs include:
Side 1: Strawberry Shortcake's Country Jamboree
Oh! Susanna
Red River Valley
Straberry Shortcake's Country Jamboree (reprise)
Side 2: She'll be Comin' Round the Mountain
It's Raining
Strawberry Shortcake's Country Jamboree (reprise)

picture of back

Only one record is left, so it's a bit hard to offer any discounts for multiple purchases. Well, I'll deal if you buy the record & the book. It'll be too hard to ship the record with anything that's not flat. So if you buy both the Country Jamboree record and the Birthday Surprise book, you can get them both for $8 plus shipping. ($2 savings!)
Miniatures-these are all 2 inch figurines of Strawberry Shortcake characters.
112Strawberry ShortcakeStrawberry Shortcake in a nightgown & nightcap. It smells great! There is some paint wear on her nightcap, but otherwise looks really good.Click here for a scan of front & back.$3
113HuckleberryHuckleberry with his dog. Two available. One is lighter than the other. Both have some paint wear. The one with less paint wear has some small ink dots. Please specify the number of the miniature you are interested in when ordering this item. Click here for a front & back scan of #2, the one with ink dots.$3 each
114Strawberry ShortcakeStrawberry Shortcake carrying a cake. Some paint wear-please refer to scan. Scent a bit faint to me.$3
115Blueberry MuffinShe is standing with a basket of blueberries hanging off of her left wrist. Some paint wear; not too terrible. Slight sweet scent.$3
116ApricotThis is Apricot and Hopsalot Bunny. They are standing together. Some paint wear-part of Apricot's face is a bit hard to see. There is also a black spot on the right side of her head. Smell is very strong & yummy!$3
117Lemon MeringueShe's got quite a bit of paint wear-face is rather difficult to make out. There's also a good deal of wear on her hat, hair, shoes, and flowers. Good for someone that would like to custom paint. I don't notice much scent left.$1.50
118Butter CookieButter Cookie in a baby buggy with Jelly Bear hanging off the end. Paint is in amazing condition-only a couple of rubs on the back. It also still has a wonderful buttery scent! This is in excellent condition!$5
122Apple Dumplin' figureApple Dumplin' riding on Teatime Turtle. Some light paint wear & surface dirt. Overall very cute! I don't detect any fruit scent on this one.$3.50
123Strawberry ShortcakeThis one has her holding a watering can. There is a fair amount of paint wear on her, but it's nothing too bad. Faint scent remaining.Here is another pic of it.$3
I have 1 more miniature that will be listed for sale as soon as I get it ready. It is Angel Cake in a bathtub; this one was in massive need of a repaint, so I'm working on doing that.

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