Umm...I think I'm gonna try to do away with this page. Because I forget to update it a lot. So it's here for the time being, but once things get really updated, it's gone!
November 13, 2003-Working & living in Davis. Full time job, plus I'm single-momming, so time isn't still very available, but I'm working on getting replies out & what not.
February 28, 2003-Have a job. It's a pretty cool one, if I do say so myself. Hopefully updates/replies will be better. And if you couldn't tell from the main page, my cat recently died, so I'm rather bummed (understatement!!!) and that's pretty much what's delaying my replies, as I honestly don't feel like I have enough energy to do much right now. I miss Tim.
Dec. 27, 2001-Fall semester ended, Christmas is done, I may actually get some time, but Cassie is still a busy little girl, and I need to go shopping before California sales tax rises again.
October 24, 2001-Cassie's about 13 months old now, so she gets into everything and doesn't know the meaning of the word "no", meaning she's got me quite busy. Plus, I'm taking 9 units this semester. So please bear with me. I'm trying to get online a bit more, but can't guarantee prompt replies. Usually check my e-mail on the weekend, so if you don't get a reply by Monday, try resending your message. Here's how the process works:

-I get your e-mail
-If there's enough info as to what you want, I look for that item to get a total with shipping. Plus, I like to make sure I can actually FIND the thing before I go and make you pay for it! :)
-Once I've found the item & gotten a total, I'll reply with the info as for your buying it.

-In those cases where I don't have enough info from your e-mail to know what you want, the order may be delayed by my needing to e-mail you back and get more info. So please be sure you copy & paste all the relevant information about the item you want to purchase. This includes a number (if available), a name (even if it's something I made up, because that's how I'll ID the item), and a price. If I have asked that you send the description, please send that also. If I don't specifically ask for the description, then just be sure to include item number/name/price. This will really speed things along!

  • In general, I do not ship items out daily. I try to wait until I have a few packages to go out. I will ship on Friday or Saturday. So please realize that if I don't get your payment until Saturday afternoon (which is when our mail is dropped off), it may be a week before I ship your package out.
  • May 6, 2001-I had a baby September 12, 2000 and she was taking a lot of time; while she still takes a good deal of my time, I do get some spare time. I don't always have time to get replies out right away. If you're interested in something, please e-mail me with as much information about the item as possible! This will include toy type (strawberry shortcake, care bear, etc.), toy item (stuffed animal, doll, book), any relevant information I have describing the item (item number, especially if I have multiples; physical description I have written down), and the price I have given the item. If you don't e-mail me with all of this information, I may have to ask you what you were referring to which will delay processing of your order. Additionally, please include the country you live in and any questions you may have about the item's condition. If you have questions, it is also helpful for me if you get as specific as possible.

    You may be wondering, "why do I need to give her all of this information?" First, I often have duplicate items. Second, I keep track of items based on type, item number, name, price, and any other information. Third, I store items in boxes and generally take a day or two to get the item out so I can weigh it for a shipping cost; if I need to e-mail you to verify what item you were interested in, that's just an extra delay for both of us. While I don't need a totally detailed description (such as "I want the Share Bear Care Bear that has purple fur, a satin belly with a rainbow on it...."), I do need enough information so I know what I'm looking for (such as "I would like a Care Bear-the satin-tummied Share Bear listed for $3.").
    If I learn how to create online forms one of these days, I'll try to incorporate that into my site to make ordering a little easier. Don't expect that to happen too soon, though! :)

    Finally, in regards to letting me know where you're from-I know it's scary sometimes dealing with people on the internet. If I'm going to send you something, I will eventually need your address. I am located in California, USA. I welcome international orders, but I do need to know ahead of time what country you are in so that I can calculate shipping properly. Additionally, if you can acknowledge that payment will be sent in US dollars (as I am unable to exchange foreign currency-sorry!) that will set my mind at ease a bit.

    my main e-mail:

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