Welcome to my MIMP Page!
what you need to know:

  • Don't rely on the picture for a completely accurate gage of condition! Scans can be deceiving-use the desription I have given first, the scan second, and ask questions if you have any doubts.
  • please look at the picture to make sure it is the correct monster. I don't know all the names, so my descriptions may be off. If a picture doesn't come up, email me and lmk that there's a problem.
  • Time is not something I have an abundance of, seeing as I have a young daughter; please be patient with me as I cannot get updates or replies out as promptly as I would always like.
  • Shipping is extra and will be covered by the buyer. I do ship overseas, but you must pay airmail and all payments must be in US dollars as I can't convert funds. And please lmk what country you're in so I can calculate proper shipping costs! However, if you're overseas and have any My Little Ponies, lmk because we may be able to work out a trade instead.
  • This page is under construction as I'm re-working the auction page. I think I have everything updated to the extent of decency, but not to the extent of accurate holds. Not everything is still available. If you're dying to know about the hold status of something, e-mail me about it.
    And now on to the MIMPs!
  • Order form-opens in a new window & gets me all the info I need to process your order asap!
    As of July 12, 2003-all items up to date with hold status & price.
    Item & Description
    purchase status
    Picture of item
    15 point MIMPs
    Mimp 24: 15 points. #18-lime-green Baba Yaga. Surface dirt, paint, and some red stains on body. Also has "1" written under base as I have 2 in this color & need to tell them apart-that should remove.

    price: $0.75
    Mimp 26: 15 points. #18-coral Baba Yaga. quite clean-perhaps has a bit of lite surface dirt.

    price: $1.50
    10 point MIMPs
    Mimp 39: 10 points. #28-red 3 headed lion. black paint spots on front.

    price: $0.75
    Mimp 40: 10 points. #28-yellow 3 headed lion. Surface dirt, pinking spots on body; red spots on back. Has "1" written under a foot as I have 2 this color & need to tell them apart-this should remove.

    price: $0.75
    Mimp 51: 10 points. #32-red Troll with Club. Surface dirt; blue paint mark on one hand, black marks on body. Has "2" written under a foot as I have 2 this color & need to tell them apart-this should remove.

    price: $0.75
    Mimp 67: 10 points. #38-red Phantom of the Opera. Lite surface dirt, small black spots on body. Has "3" written under a foot as I have 3 this color & need to tell them apart-this should remove. .

    price: $0.75
    Mimp item 70: Nintendo Entertainment System Video Game. "Monster in by Pocket" by Konami. My nephews play it on occasion, so I might need to search for it. It has been working pretty well lately. NO INSTRUCTIONS! Sorry! All that you get is the game cartridge and black plastic sleeve covering.

    price: $6.00 or best offer
    MIMP's for Sale Directory:
    page 2-more MIMPs
    page 3-even more MIMPs
    page 4-the rest of the MIMPs
    Sold Items-these are for sale too! But the prices are wonky, so you might want to wait, or just check it out & lmk if anything is interesting, and know that in a few cases prices are negotiable. (No! I really want $17 firm on that one, and i'm not at all just being a dork saying this-which I am, so go check it out! :)
    Want to buy? Then do the following:
    e-mail me and include the description I have given.
    Be sure to include the item number I have given the mimp, not just the point number and individual monster number.
    And if you have any questions, please be sure to ask!
    Note regarding condition: Most of the MIMPs could use a wash. Many of the marks will probably remove, but seeing as I haven't tried, I won't swear by anything. Most of the marks described as pinking look like their permanant, and I doubt they'll remove.
    Also, I don't know the actual name of the MIMPs. If you want to correct me, please lmk the item number & MIMP number and I'd be more than happy to change the info. Don't know that I'll have time to correct it online, but who knows? :)
    If you have questions about payment, check these pages out:
    my payment guidelines
    my payment faq-doesn't necessarily cover as much as the previous one, but is a bit easier to read.

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