Rules on trading with me

 Okay, I've decided to set some ground rules on trades. Here they are:
 Trade conditions:
 I will trade 1-1 for most ponies.
 I will trade 2-1 for Dream Beauties or mail order ponies in great to
 excellent condition.
  I will trade 2-1 if your pony is in excellent to great condition and 
 mine are in average to poor condition.
 When it comes to trading baby ponies for adult ponies, I will trade 
 1-1. Same goes for windy wings (which are actually more rare with their
 wings intact) and flutterwings. 
Shipping conditions: I will ship at the same time as you in most cases. I will ship first if I am unsure of my pony's condition, but you MUST have good references. I WILL NOT ship first if you have no trade references (or purchase references). I will ask you to ship first if you are from AOL, Hotmail, or any other place where you can easily change your e-mail address UNLESS you have good references. If all of your references are from AOL, or Hotmail chances are I'm not going to feel to good about them unless it's someone I've actually heard about. I have many good references. Please ask to see a list of e-mail addresses if you doubt me (I don't mind!). A list of people I have traded with can be found here.

Some info on buying from me

 I will use you/your to refer to the buyer throughout these guidelines.
 Rarely do I ship first if I am selling something. I did occasionally 
 in the past, but have been ripped off (it was only around $3, but that
 was a big enough wake up call for me!) and will not do so again in the
 future. If you have an order that is large enough to warrant some 
 concern, I will break it up into partial shipments, in which you send
 a portion of the money, I send a portion of the items, you get the items
 and inspect them and then send the rest of the money, but the order must
 be sufficiently large enough to warrant this ($40 or higher) and you 
 will pay all shipping costs.
 If you want insurance, it is your responsibility to ask for it and pay
 for it.
 If the order is large enough, I may require insurance or proof of 
 mailing and receipt at your expense.
 All money needs to be in US funds. If it isn't, chances are I'll send
 it back to you and request you send US funds.
 I accept checks, cash, and money orders. Checks are given approximately
 two weeks to clear. Money orders and cash ship as soon as possible. 
 Cash is sent at your risk.
 If your check bounces, I will ask that you pay the original amount 
 plus a $5 fee for the check bouncing (may change without notice if my bank increases the fee). This amount will be payable only by
 money order-if you send me another check, I will send it back. If you 
 do not clear your bounced check with me, I will list you as a bad 
 buyer. I will hold items that you are interested in for a while, but 
 not indefinitely. Make sure you stay well in touch with me if I am holding
 an item for you and it may take you a while to send payment. I fully 
 understand that sometimes buying things over the internet takes the 
 last priority, but if I don't hear from you to keep an item on hold, I may
 need to make it available for someone else (this goes for trade items 
 as well). 
 If you have any questions or doubts, please ask me ahead of time. I 
 would much rather you ask me a question ahead of time than be dissapointed 

Here's where to e-mail me:
Jenn's main e-mail address my main e-mail addy-I check it frequently so use this one first!
Jenn's back-up e-mail please only use this if you can't get through to the other one

Protect yourself!

As a buyer, it is important to make sure you don't get ripped of by bad dealers. Here are a few tips:
-use a postal money order. If you do, it is a lot easier to charge a seller with mail fraud if they don't ship the goods to you. Or, if you can, use a check. It's a lot easier to cancel if something goes wrong, and your bank should be able to help you trace it. Most banks keep a copy of old checks for 7 years. (and it should take less than 7 years to realize if someone's not gonna send the goods!)
-keep in touch with the seller. Ask for references. Ask for a phone number if you have any doubts.
-get insurance. Postal insurance is only 75 cents for most items.
For more information on how to protect yourself, please check out Blossom's Buyer Beware Page. Her page is undergoing a lot of changes, so if that link doesn't work, her main page is Blossom's Collectibles -you should be able to find her buyer beware section from that page, and please let me know if any links are outdated!

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