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Beanie Babies for Sale or Trade
I will sell or trade any of these Beanie Babies. I will trade for Purr the cat, Scorch the Dragon, or Valentino the Bear. I may be tempted by any other bears. I'd prefer beanies to be in okay condition; tags nice, but not necessary as any beanies without tags will just go to my daughter.
Teenie Beanie Babies:

  • #4-Inch the Worm still in bag-have 4

  • #5-Pinchers the Lobster still in bag-have 2

  • #7-Mel the Koala still in bag-have 1

  • #8-Scoop the Pelican still in bag-have 1

  • #11-Waddles the Penguin still in bag-have 1

  • I also have the Anteater in the bag, and a Chip the Calico Cat in the bag without a tag on his ear.

  • Happy Meal Bags-have 6 of the bag that has Inch, Mel, Waddles, Bongo, and Peanuts on it. Have 1 of the bag that has Zip, Twigs, Doby, Bones, Pinchers, and Scoop on it.
    Ask about condition if interested.

  • Regular Beanie Babies:

    My daughter got a hold of the three cats, so they're played with. If you're interested in some cats that aren't perfect, lmk, since she won't miss them.

  • Silver the Cat-tag has some folds

  • Chip the Calico Cat-no tag

  • Pounce the brown tye-died Cat-no tag

  • Pinky the Flamingo

  • As I said before, I'll trade for beanies that I want. I'll also trade for My Little Ponies-link to my want list or mail me a list of what you have. If you have nothing for trade & are simply interested in buying, then please make me an offer.

    Order form-opens in a new window & gets me all the info I need to process your order asap!