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The pictures should be working now. There are one or two items that need pictures still. (just the new horse?)
Prices (US$) are listed by items, along with descriptions. Clicking on the name of an item will take you to a scan of the item. Shipping is not included in prices and depends on the weight & destination of the item.

As of July 13, 2003-Prices have been lowered! Well, for some items. If you see something you want, feel free to make me an offer. I'm more likely to deal if you're polite about it & are getting multiple items.

When e-mailing me to ask about purchasing an item, be sure to include the name, description, and price in your message! I have duplicates of some items, so I need as much information as possible for the most prompt response.
Questions about sending payment? please check my Payment FAQ.
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Keypers for Sale
large Keypers with locking shells
wedding bunnysome discoloration to hard white plastic parts. A few marks.$4
Wedding Bunny #2This is the wedding bunny keyper. I don't know what her name is. She has a hard shell that opens & closes, and locks if you have a key. She doesn't come with any accessories.
This girl is very lovely! She has some surface dirt, but that should come right off. Her hair is long and her eyes are glittery, with just a tiny bit of wear-look to them. Her white body is not yellowing at all that I can see. The only paint wear I can find is on the flowers on her back. Overall she really looks great!
horseComes with bridle. Some paint wear, hair poofy at ends.$10
Horse #2no accessories. Mane has been trimmed some. Will give better details when I get the picture up.$3
turtle #1-Sheldon?includes keybrush, keyring, and turtleneck. Paint wear, some marks (might remove), some spots (permanant). The turtle isn't in the best of shape, but those accessories aren't too easy to come across!$8
turtle #2-Sheldon?shell discolored, some paint wear/scratches.$3
turtle #3-sheldon?missing shell/back-good for parts?
Free with any purchase
(shipping extra; you just have to purchase anything from any of my sales or auctions, ebay included.)
$1 (or free)
small Keypers with squeezer backs
bunny #2some paint wear & marks, overall good/great$3.50
short-haired snail #1blue mark on front area of body, otherwise nice.$3
short-haired snail #2looks kinda dingy. some marks, paint wear.$2.50
long-haired turtle #2dingy, hair is course, paint wear. Some pin or chew marks? on body$1.50
short-haired turtle #1some minor paint marks on body-should remove. Includes bonnet-some glue? residue on it.$5.50
short-haired turtle #2minor marks, paint wear.$3
short-haired turtle #3minor marks, red dot on forehead.$3
yellow & pink ladybug #2minor paint wear, some marks on body, orage paint? on left side of head.$3
yellow & pink ladybug #1Item #K1-please include if ordering!
small scuff on left cheek, only paint scratch looks to be on middle left sneaker. Overall looks wonderfull!
namedescription-body color, face color, accessory colorprice
blue & pink finderpink, light pink, and blue$3
glowing finder #2glow in the dark, lavendar, and purple.$3.50
lavendar finderpink, lavendar, and purple$3.50
pink finder #3pink, light pink, and red.$3
pink finder #4pink, light pink, and red$3
pink finder #5pink, light pink, and red$2.50
Miscellaneous Keyper Items
Plush Sheldon the TurtleExcellent condition. Has a pouch opening in his back for storing items.
Note-Fancy in picture has already been sold. Sorry!

If you have questions about sending payment, please check here.

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