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Payment Guidelines

I know I'm often unable to answer e-mails promptly and a lot of people have questions about what payment methods they can use, so this is where I've tried to answer these questions. If you have any questions that are not addressed here, please e-mail me with them so I can answer you and add the question and answer to this page.

I am often asked if I accept checks. Yes, I do-personal checks are not a problem! I do wait for them to clear, however. Hold time is 2 weeks; may be longer, usually isn't (but can be) shorter.
If at any time I am sent a check that does not clear, I will require that the payment is resent. In this occasion, I will not accept a check as payment. Payment must be made by money order, and a fee may be added to cover any charges incurred by my bank for the bounced check. If this fee is not paid, I reserve the right to post information on the person whose check bounced, including their first and last name, e-mail address, and state of residence. Upon request, the offender's home address will be shared with other reputable sellers.
New note-checks MUST be in US dollars!

Money Orders:
Payments made by money order will be shipped as soon as I can get to the post office. I will accept any money order in US dollars.

I DO NOT recommend sending cash in the mail! If lost or stolen, it is impossible to recoup any losses when sending cash! If you absolutely must send cash, please be sure to wrap it up well so it is not visible through the envelope, keep track of what day you send it, and let me know what day it was sent.
Since I do not like to send cash in the mail, please be sure to send the exact amount when sending me payment. If this is not possible, let me know before you send payment. I will let you know if I will be able to make change to send back to you! Failure to notify me ahead of time that you need change can result in delayed shipment or lack of receiving change.
New as of 2/28/2003: I will always accept cash in US dollars. At some times, I might consider accepting foreign currency. Explanation: my father often travels, and can exchange the money for me. At the moment, I will consider taking payment in Euros as my father is planning a trip to Belgium; the catch is that he's going really soon and I doubt I can get any payments in time. However, if you'd prefer to send your local currency (cash), while I don't recommend it, there might be a possibility that I can accept it.

General information:
All payments need to be in US dollars.
Orders from outside of the US are no problem, just be sure to let me know what country you're in when ordering.
I do require that buyers outside of the US pay for airmail shipping. Surface shipping takes too long (up to 2 months) and I like to resolve all deals as soon as possible. Also, there have been times when surface shipping costs more than airmail shipping. Finally, the items are safer when shipped by airmail. However, if you really want surface shipping and it's going to save you money, the final decision is yours now.
I usually send all items on one day in order to save myself from too many trips to the post office. I now ship most items on Friday or Saturday, but shipments might happen other days also; count on Friday or Saturday for sure, though.
When sending payment, be sure to include a note stating your e-mail address, shipping address, and a list of the items you have ordered. E-mailing me your shipping address will also help me out.
Please send payment only after I have confirmed your order and put the items you are interested in on hold.
All items will be held for 1 week unless other arrangements have been made. From when I e-mail you with a total & where to send payment, you will have 1 week to mail payment. Once you've mailed payment, e-mail me. I will hold the items for 1 more week (2 if international) waiting for payment to arrive. If I do not receive payment in the specified time, I will take the items off hold and make them available for others again. If you need more time, just explain your situation and ask me to hold the items for you a little longer. This does not mean I will hold items indefinitely, just for a while longer than normal.
I do not put my mailing address on this page for a few reasons. First off, I don't want it easily available to everyone that comes by my page. Second, I often have items on hold, but the pages listing them on hold haven't been updated to reflect that. All orders must be e-mailed to me and confirmed before payment is sent-I don't want to risk someone sending money for an item that isn't available yet! If you want to buy something from me, please e-mail me with the item number (if available), name, and description so I can put the item on hold for you or let you know if it's already on hold for someone else. Once the item is on hold for you, I will e-mail you with payment information, including an address to send the money to.
If you have any questions I did not already address, please e-mail me with them before sending payment. I am more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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