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MIMP Auction, Page 3
It would be a good idea if you've read the info on page 1, but seeing as I'm not your mother I can't make you read it, and even if I were your mother I probably couldn't make you read it if you really didn't want to....
Order form-opens in a new window & gets me all the info I need to process your order asap!
Item & Description
bid information
Picture of item
50 point MIMPs
Mimp 103: 50 points. #117-orange poltergeist. bottle on head-painted black; cleaver in hand-painted black; stack of cups on toe-painted green. A bit of lite surface dirt; some minor, very slight paint rubs on black parts; overall quite clean looking.

Sale price: $1.50
Mimp 104: 50 points. #118-yellow octopus guy. head painted green; wing-like crests on back painted red. lite dirt; some paint on back that shouldn't be there. Paint rubs on back crests.

Sale price: $1.50
Mimp 105: 50 points. #119-green swirly skull guy. head painted orange; skull in hand painted red. Some small black spots on back that should clean off. some surface dirt.

Sale price: $1.50
Mimp 106: 50 points. #119-yellow swirly skull guy. head painted red; skull in hand painted green. wear on head paint. pink stains on front left foot. lite dirt.

Sale price: $1.50
60 point MIMPs
Mimp 108: 60 points. #114-yellow plant creature? back painted green; eye painted red. lite paint wear on back; white paint mark on green paint-nothing major. some surface dirt.

Sale price: $1.50
70 point MIMPs
Mimp 114: 70 points. #113-purple Alu. beard & hair painted yellow; ribcage painted green. lite surface dirt.

Sale price: $1.50
80 point MIMPs
Mimp 119: 80 points. #110-green gas mask guy. head painted orange; feet painted red. surface dirt; orange paint looks dirty. Some lite pink stains on right arm. Pink paint that shouldn't be there on back.

Sale price: $1.50
Mimp 120: 80 points. #110-yellow gas mask guy. face painted red; feet painted green. paint wear on face; pink stains on arms & legs; some black & red paint spots that shouldn't be there.

Sale price: $1.50
90 point MIMPs
added March 10, 2001
Mimp 121: 90 points. #103-purple girly. hair painted green; bear painted yellow. bear paint dirty. some surface dirt.

Sale price: $1.50
Mimp 123: 90 points. #105-orange gravestone. face painted green; gravestone painted yellow. minor paint rubs on gravestone; some surface dirt, spots.

Sale price: $1.50
Mimp 125: 90 points. #106-purple statue. face painted yellow; frame around head painted green. paint rubs; some surface dirt. fading stains on back.

Sale price: $1.50
100 point MIMPs
Mimp 126: 100 points. #97-green glow-in-the-dark sledgehammer guy. ropes painted red; hammer painted orange. dirt on orange paint; some extra paint on body; lite surface dirt.

Sale price: $1.50
Mimp 127: 100 points. #98-green glow-in-the-dark troll. club painted red; ax painted black. surface dirt; paint spots on body.

Sale price: $1.50
Mimp 130: 100 points. #100-green glow-in-the-dark bull. hair painted orange; hook painted red. lite dirt & spots on body. overall looks quite clean.

Sale price: $1.50
Mimp 132: 100 points. #102-yellow glow-in-the-dark spider. 4 legs painted black; skull & face painted orange. lite surface dirt; minor spots that should remove.

Sale price: $1.50

Note-my daughter likes to pretend to scare me with this one, so it might be missing at any given time.

Points Mish-Mash
Mimp 8: 25 points. #6-purple godzilla-looking guy. surface dirt that should wash off.

price: $0.75
Mimp 84: 5 points. #43-red Beast. lite surface dirt; black marks on body.

price: $0.75
Mimp 107: 50 points. #120-orange gargoyle. face painted green; tail painted black. lite paint wear on tail. tiny black marks on head. overall quite clean looking.

Sale price: $1.50
Mimp 18: 20 points. #12-yellow Jotun Troll. surface dirt on body, a few small pink marks on front. Has "2" written under foot as I have 2 in this color & need to tell them apart-that should remove.

price: $0.75
Page 1-MIMPs
Page 2-more MIMPs
Page 4-even more MIMPs
Sold MIMPs
Want to buy? Then do the following:
e-mail me and include the description I have given, along with the item number I have given the mimp, NOT just it's point value & individual monster number.
And if you have any questions, please be sure to ask!
If you want to add to my e-mail list for auction updates, send an e-mail to ( I fixed the address; it had been wrong before) If you place a bid, I will automatically add you to the list as this is how I inform people of their bid status.
I don't know the proer names for the MIMPs, so if you want to give me the item number & mimp number, along with it's correct name, I'd be happy to fix that. :)
If you have questions about payment, check these pages out:
my payment guidelines
my payment faq-doesn't necessarily cover as much as the previous one, but is a bit easier to read.

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