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Ponies for Trade Part 2

Yes, I decided the one large page was too unbearable for everyone. Hope this makes it easier! Please make sure you go over my trade guidelines as listed on the last page because they apply for these ponies also.

Types of ponies on this page:
Brother Ponies
Sister type ponies
Baby Ponies
Newborn Baby Ponies
Teeny Tiny Baby Ponies
Flutter Ponies
Summer and Windy Wing Ponies

More pony stuff listed here.

Big Brother Ponies:

none listed right now

Sister Type Ponies
Goldilocksdescription to come. Will trade for any pony I don't have yet; added to list Oct. 16-98
Wild Flowersweetheart sister-dangly part of earring is broken off. A few paint spots on body-one green one on right side, black spots on left side. Might scrub off-don't know for sure. Hair needs a combing, but otherwise in nice condition.

Baby Ponies for Trade
(added 6/26)
Baby Sweet Celebrationsloving family boy-pink/orange marks on 3 of his legs.
(added 6/27)
Bright Bouquetbaby girl from loving family set-circle of pinkish marks on forehead.-sold, mlp auction, 7/2003
(added 7/9)
Baby Cotton Candyhair faded to white, rust on her tail, mildew at base of mane and tail, body looks kinda dingy, but still needs a scrubbing.
Baby Surpriseright eye has paint wear, tail frizzy and has some rust, chew marks on right front foot, some speckling on her face, needs a scrub.
Baby Heart Throbbeddy bye eyed-hair has been trimmed and is in poor shape; body still needs scrubbing. Eyelashes missing, eyes lightly rusty. Scratches on wings and other parts of body.
Baby Lickety Splitbeddy bye eyed-brownish stain? near back of mane, purple mark on front left leg, body still needs some washing.
Baby Frostingbeddy bye eyed-blue mark by left symbol, some other marks on body that should remove, still needs some cleaning.
Baby Cuddlesbeddy bye eyed-body is more green than blue, still needs a scrub. Some marks on body that may or may not remove.
Baby Sweet Celebrationsloving family boy-forelock has been trimmed, still needs a wash, very light pink mark on right front leg.
Baby Apple Delightloving family girl-no tail, still needs a scrub, mane a bit frizzy, lite pink marks on 3 of her legs.
Baby Tiddley Winksno tail, mane still quite pink. Body dirty and needs a wash.
Baby Crumpethair trimmed and in poor shape. Tail rust. Body dirty and discolored. Needs a scrub.
Baby Sweetstepsballerina baby-lite body dirt, some lite pink marks on face and legs. Some paint wear on foot bows.
added 1/9/99
Baby Cuddlesdrink n' wet baby-missing her tail, blue mark on right side of neck.
Baby Tic Tac Toefirst tooth baby-very very light wear on symbol. Wear on tooth paint. Hair in nice condition. Head has a bit of a blackish tint; she was probably a bath toy at one time.-on sale page

Newborn Baby Ponies
Baby Peeksnewborn twin-this one has her right front foot raised. Needs a scrub; has some red marks that may or may not remove. One plug of hair missing from the back of her mane.
Baby Tumbleweednewborn twin-this one has all four feet flat. Needs a scrub, hair faded to very lite pink, rust on tail.
Baby Jebbernewborn twin-has front right foot forward. Hair lite pink, tail rust, needs a scrub.
Baby Jebbernewborn twin-has front right foot forward. Glue on right symbol and side of body, a few lite dirt marks.
Baby Jebbernewborn twin-has front right foot forward. Lite scuff on bottom edge of front left foot, hair lite pink.
Baby Rattlesnewborn twin-has front right foot forward. Speckly body; marks that may or may not remove.
Baby Snookumsnewborn twin-pink with purple hair. "B" on front of neck, some faded spots on face and neck from bleaching ink off her. A bit of dirt and marks that should clean off.
Baby Snookumsnewborn twin-pink with purple hair. Some grayish marks on feet, glue on left side of neck. Some dirt on body.
Baby Danglesnewborn-blue ink mark by right symbol, on right cheek. Some plastic cuts on 2 of her feet, some dirt/marks that should remove.

Teeny Tiny Baby Ponies
Little Gigglesteeny tiny-"B" written on bottom of tummy, hair has beautiful curls, but needs some combing. Some dirt and marks on body, should clean off fine. Missing two plugs of hair from back of mane.

Flutterponies: (none of them have their wings)
none listed now

Summerwing and Windywing Ponies
none listed now

I have mentioned any flaws I could notice on the ponies in their description. I don't really consider a rattle, turning head, or tail that comes out a flaw and might not mention it; if this matters, please be sure to ask about it on a pony. When e-mailing me to ask about trading for a pony, PLEASE copy and paste the entire description or give me some info on it's condition so I'll know which pony you want.

My Want List

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