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Welcome to my page of toys for sale. Prices are listed next to the item description.
Order form-opens in a new window & gets me all the info I need to process your order asap!
When e-mailing me to ask about acquiring any of these items, please include the item name, item number (if available), and description. When buying, I must receive payment before items will be sent, and the buyer will pay shipping costs. I will hold items 2 weeks while waiting for payment; if you need more time than that, simply ask, but please keep in touch regarding your order! New note-I don't give my phone number out and I don't make long distance calls. All transactions are done via e-mail. I can try to set up a time to instant message if that would be helpful, but I can't guarantee anything as I have a 2 year old.
Most items have scans available. Click on the name link to see the scan or picture of an item. If an item has no link on it's name or in the description, e-mail me and I will try to get a scan up asap.
If you have questions about sending payment, please check here.

Fisher Price
Minibus and 3 plastic Little Peopleitem #200-bus-holds 5 people. Front license plate says FP-141. Decal on back is copyrighted '69. Has decals in the following places:
front, both sides, back, and dashboard inside. Rolls well. Has what looks to be normal play wear. Decals do have some wear & scrapes. Back bumper has some red dried gook or something on one edge.
Scans of bus: one side of bus
Both sides of bus
Front & back of bus

item #201-man-green base, black hair, eyes, eyebrow, nose, & mouth/chin. Wear on head/face. Also has some scratches on base.

item #202-dog-black base, red collar, black ears, black eyes, nose/mouth, and whiskers. Wear & minor scratchiness on head.

item #203-cowboy-orange base (quite shiny!), yellow hat, black eyes, nose & mouth. Some grime & wear.

$5 for lot.

Individual prices:
$3 for bus
$1 per person

I have a few music boxes & other toys from the Fisher Price line that I am willing to sell. Contact me if you're interested. Includes: Snoopy-dog pull toy; Baa Baa Black Sheep music box; The Candy Man music box; Over the Rainbow music box. Items are in varying condition. Most are good, but the black sheep music box does have some labels peeling off (some of labels have been saved, most could be reattached). Prices would probably be around $3 per item.
I also have the Main Street playset with most of the accessories. If anyone is interested, please e-mail me. My daughter's been playing with pretty much all of the Fisher Price stuff I have, but since she has a bazillion toys, she really won't miss them, and the money can go to her college fund bank account.

Fairy Tail Birds, CPK Meadow Ponies, and Little Pretty
246Meadow Pony-Shimmer n' Shine StarThis is a Magic Meadow Pony, looks a lot like the Cabbage Patch Kid ponies. I think it's somehow related to the CPK line, but I'm not sure. Anyway, this pony is pearly white with vines & yellow flowers all over her body. Her hair is light blue with tinsel throughout. She has some scuffs on her body, but overall looks really nice. Hair tinsel is a bit crinkly. $5
#Little Pretty 1white cat with white/cream colored hair. Blue ice cream cone symbol. Absolutely gorgeous!price
#Little Pretty 2lavendar cat with pink & cream colored hair. Plastic bow on head that hair can pull out to become longer, pull on tail to make it shorter. Purple pawprints symbol. Nice condition.price
More on the cats to come! If you're interested, email me and I'll put a rush on getting them up.
The above items were identified using Tabby's Toy Page, a great reference site for many toys.

Shimmers and Seawees
243MeadowThis is Meadow, the yellow mother deer Shimmer. She is really in nice shape! Her arm has some red marks on it, and her deer-body has some dirt that should wash off. Hair is nice. Needs a combing, which I will try to do ahead of time, but can't guarantee. Overall, she is still a nice addition to any Shimmer collection.$7
More Shimmers to come! I need space so I'm going to be selling a lot of stuff, including my Shimmer collection, which is close to complete! Check back soon!!!
244Sandy?This is a seawee. I need to double-check her name.price
245Sandy?this is a seawee. Double check on name. another scan here.price
Thanks to Fridgepixi's Site for Seawee & Shimmer Identifications

206FluffBarbie's white cat. This one is quite dirty and is missing the velcro from the bottom of 3 of her feet.$5
207DishesSet of tea dishes for a child to play with. Have pictures of Barbie, Ken, and her horse Dixie. Some dishes have damage, including cracks, paint wear, and a bit of melting on one cup. Dishes included are 2 small plates, 2 large plates, 4 cups, and one pitcher. Look here to see a scan of 3 cups and the pitcher.$3
I have found some accessories; some of the I believe to be Barbie items. If you are interested in purchasing please lmk.
scan 1
scan 2
New! Just added on June 18, errr...19th, whatever! Clothes & more stuff scans:
clothes scan 1
clothes scan 2
clothes scan 3
stuff scan 3
Everything in the scans that doesn't say "sold" is available for sale! If you're interested in any of the items, please e-mail me with your offer!

Hello Kitty & Sanrio
208vinyl Hello Kitty bagsmall red bag with handle. Says "Hello Kitty" on top and has a picture of Hello Kitty and flowers on the front. Excellent condition.$4
210Hello Kitty figuresmall hard plastic figure of Hello Kitty. Has some paint wear and there are two pink marks on her face. There is no year on it, but it does say "Sanrio" on the back.$2
211Hello Kitty coinpursesmall coin purse. Connection between purse and metal is coming apart on the back piece-not sure if it can be fixed. Some wear on metal piece. A few small spots on the purse itself-very minor. Front shows Hello Kitty with a bunny hand puppet, back shows a drum with the bunny hand puppet and a bear hand puppet.$2
212Hello Kitty buttonthis is a button that pins on. It has a picture of Hello Kitty holding a birthday present and says "I'm So Happy~It's My Birthday" around the outer edge. Dated 1981. In average to good condition; some dirt on front that may clean off.$3.50
213Hello Kitty notepadthis is a small wirebound notebook. There is some pencil writing inside the front cover and a small line on the first page that should erase. Some pages look to have been torn out. Each page says Hello Kitty at the top.$2
214Keropi figuresoft plastic figure. Paint wear on outfit, looks to have some damage to a piece of plastic at the top of his head. Okay to average condition.$1.50
237Metal purseThis is a small metal purse. It has Hello Kitty on it and is a holiday theme. It's very cute and in really good condition.$8
238mini lunchboxThis is a small metal lunchbox. It has Hello Kitty with a holiday theme on it. There are some scratches/scuffs and paint wear, but nothing too bad. Note-my daughter carried this off at some point, so I'm not sure where it is. I think it's at my sister's house, but I keep forgetting to find out. If you're interested in this item, lmk and I'll make a note to find out where it is.$5

Glow Worms (Glo Worms?)
Coming soon-my Glo Worm collection! Too much stuff, not enough space! Check back or email me if you're interested in details. Most are the small plastic glow in the dark guys, but i have two of the stuffed animals that light up when you squeeze them.

Breyer Horses
215Breyer Stablemates 2pair-Appaloosa Mare and Foal. Still on card. Minor curling of bottom corners. Overall in Excellent condition. $7
I have more Breyers for sale, including Renegade that has never been removed from the box. Check back soon for more info!!! These are full-size Breyer horses.

216E.T. figurinehas a purple towel? draped over his shoulders, is holding red glowing finger up. Some surface dirt, overall looks good$2.00
217E.T. figurinehas a red scarf on, holding a red telephone receiver, holding glowing finger up on his right side and is looking toward his finger. Overall looks good-some light paint wear, surface dirt$1.50
218E.T. figureThis is a toy figure of E.T. He has jointed arms & a moveable neck that goes up & down. Looks to be in good shape, but please ask about specific flaws as I'm not sure what to look for on him. He is 3.5 inches with his head down.$3
219YodaThis is a plastic toy of Yoda. I think it was a fast food toy. His head, hands, & feet are painted green, his cane & inner cloak are painted brown, and his eyes have been detail painted white & black. There is some light surface dirt. Slightly taller than 3 inches.$2
(or best offer)
#Wicket's World Coloring BookThis is a Kenner coloring book. Features Wicket the Ewok and his friends. From Star Wars Return of the Jedi. Two pages have some coloring, but the rest are not colored. Pages are a bit yellow from age, but otherwise it looks really good. $3
Take both E.T. figurines for only $2.50 plus shipping
Or, take all 4 items for $6 plus shipping

224Bumblelion posableIn great shape-has some minor surface dirt that should scrub right off.$3
225plush Hoppopotomusfull-size stuffed animal, approx. 14 inches. part rabbit, part hippo. Very cute! In great shape-I have run her through the washing machine to clean her up. Hair on top of head is a bit cottony & coarse, but I'm not sure if it's supposed to be like that or what. $6
226plush Bumblelionfull sized stuffed animal. In good shape overall, but not what I'd call perfect. More details to come.$5
239Eleroo poseablePosable 3 inch figure of Eleroo, the Elephant-Kangaroo. She's in okay shape; paint rubs, right wing has a chunk of plastic missing, ink S's written in each ear, some paint-like marks that should scrub off. I've given her a quick wash & will leave the scrubbing to the buyer.$3
240Hoppopotomus plush #2 This is the stuffed animal of Hoppopotomus, full size (~14 inches) She's in very nice shape, except that the felt of her teeth is half gone on her left tooth and a corner is gone on her right tooth. Some minor smudgy-ness to her eyes. She's already been washed up, and looks great, outside of the tooth flaws.$4
Check out the Unofficial Wuzzles Fan Page, an excellent guide to Everything Wuzzle!

Rainbow Brite
232White Sprite miniaturethis is a small white sprite figurine. About 2 inches tall. Some paint wear. From the Rainbow Brite line. Says "Twink" on the back of his head, so I assume that's his name?$3
Romeo the Red SpriteTaco Bell promotion-still has tag attached, have two:
1-hangy loop is stretched out, some very lite paint wear on nose-$4
2-some lite paint wear on nose, otherwise great-$4.50
Yellow SpriteTaco Bell promo-no tag. Hangy loop is stretched and cut in two pieces, very lite wear on nose, doesn't squeek anymore!-$1.50

Pound Puppies

PL18small gray pupno cloth tag, light eye scratches, tummy seam is loose; very good condition. View scan of the puppy here$2
PL19small brown striped tabby catvery good to excellent condition. View scan of the cat here. $2.50
Small white striped tabby cat-have 3PL20-very good to excellent-$2.50. View scan of the cat here.

PL21-light wear on eye paint, unraveling whiskers, faded cloth tag-$1.50. View scan of the cat here.

PL22-very light eye paint wear, poor whiskers, no cloth tag-$1.50. View scan of the cat here.

Take all 5 Pound Puppy/Purry animals for only $5 plus shipping!

Looney Tunes

tote bagA small blue tote bag with Bugs and Daffy in a plane. Pretty cute. My daughter likes playing with it, and she recently used a ball point pen to draw on it, so price is flexible.$5

She-ra and He-man Stuff
247She-ra bookletThis is a little booklet that goes to the She-Ra line. I think it might have come with one of the dolls, I'm not sure who. It's in okay shape, a bit crinkly. Some of the pages are coming out because the glue is old. Also, on the first few pages, Bow has a moustache drawn on. (My old Bow doll had a moustache painted on; my older siblings thought he looked cheesy without it....Amazingly, I was rather obsessive about having my stuff stay in nice shape, so I'm not sure why I drew moustaches on him except for the sibling pressure-how's that for a say no to peer pressure lecture? :) Anyway, it's in pretty good condition; I've got it under some books to flatten the pages out. A nice item to add to a collection. Feel free to make a trade offer-I collect My Little Ponies.$10
228He-man thingshieldplate to some guy; I think it was the hairy one, but I'm not sure. It's a yellow thing with a red bat in the center. Looks to be in good shape to me.$2 or best offer
229Glimmerdoll from the She-ra line. Comes with skirt & staff. Good condition; details to come$8


Want a lot? I'll make a deal!

248Black & White BlinkerBlack and white furby that blinks his eyes when you press the tail-button; some paint wear.
249Black & White EyesBlack furby with white toes that covers his eyes when you press the tail button; some paint wear on toes and nose; some plastic scrapies.
250Black & Purple EyesBlack furby with purple hair and white toes that covers his eyes when you press the tail button; some very light paint wear and some marks-overall looks really good, though.
251Blue CoolDark blue furby with yellow feet and a saxaphone; he's wearing a hat and plays a tune when you press his hat. He's also wearing cool shades! Some minor paint wear/scratchiness on front. Still plays the song well. Overall in very good to great shape.$2
Click Here for a picture of the above Furbies.
252Gray & pink EarsGray and pink furby with orange feet that moves his ears and eyes when you roll the ball on his back. Really nice shape; some tiny paint wear on ear tips, hair a bit dirty, but that should wash up.$1.50
253Blue & Purple WalkerLight blue furby with purple hair and yellow feet. He's supposed to walk forward after being pulled back, but won't do so for me. He looks really nice though-just a few scrapies here & there.$1
254Green EyesGreen furby with black hair and white feet. He covers his eyes when you press his tail button. Some paint wear on nose & toes.$1
255Yellow WalkerYellow furby with purple hair and orange feet. He walks forward after being pulled back. Very nice shape-just some scratchiness on his nose paint.$1.50
256Red WalkerRed furby with green hair and orange feet. He walks forward after being pulled back. Nice shape-just some scratchiness on his nose paint.$1.50
257Red WalkerRed furby with purple hair and orange feet. He walks forward after being pulled back. Nice shape-minor scratches on nose, some scuffs on back of ears.$1.25
Click Here to see a picture of the above 6 Furbies

Miscellaneous Toys
221Jewel Dragonjointed dragon with a jewel on it's chest
Body: Good. Some assorted paint/marks on body. Hair: Good to Okay. Orange & green colored, slightly pre-frizzed at the ends. Paint/Symbol: Good to Okay. Some scratches on left eye; scuffs on chest paint. Additional: Jewel on chest is pink. Written on back: "(copyright) 1992 M.I.I. China". Has holes under it's feet, if that matters.
258TriceratopsThis is a blue Triceratops. She has an orange tummy and purply-pink spots. Her jewels are also pink. Her hair is green with an orange streak. She has cM.I.I. 1992 China under her tail. She has some black scuffs on her tummy-I don't know if they'll remove. She also has scuffs & marks on her back and sides. Not too bad, but definitely not perfect.$1
Like these jeweled dragons/dinosaurs/whatever they are? I have 3 of them and will make a deal! E-mail me for more details.
220Jem bookpaperback-"Video Mischeif". Okay condition, has some wear, a bit of ink writing inside of first page.$2.00
222Humpty Dumpty tin dishesone small, one large. Nice condition.$3 for set
223Tamagotchi Keychainkeychain and holder/case. Looks to be in really great shape. Keychain guy is a little red and black duckbilled, multilegged critter. $3.00
227Herself the Elfdoll-comes with dress and shoes. Some surface dirt, but looks like she should clean up nicely.$3.50
231Papa Smurfsmall stuffed figure of Papa Smurf. 8 in tall. Beard scruffy; one eye has some scratches. Quite clean-I probably ran him through the washer at some time. Overall in good shape.$3
241Opus the Penguinthis is a small, 6 inch stuffed animal of Opus the Penguin from the Bloom County cartoon series. I know he was in another of Berke Breathed's cartoons after that, but I don't remember the name, and Bloom County is the one most people remember anyway, right? Anyway, Opus is very cute with a white ribbon holding on his red bow tie. There are long threads on his feet, but his toes look fine, so I'm not sure what the deal is there. He's very cute, and in great shape. $5
242 McFinn, the Mervyn's PenguinGee, you'd think I like penguins! Actually, I'm not really into them that much. McFinn was one of those promotional items that Mervyn's was offering for the first however many people to come shopping the day after Thanksgiving back in 1998, I think. And if you have no idea what Mervyn's is, it's a department store in California. Anyway, this is a small penguin, about 5 to 6 inches tall. He's wearing a red & cream colored checkered scarf and green ear muffs. He still has a tag hanging, with a coupon for 10% off a total purchase of $100 or more on Friday, November 27 or Saturday, November 28. It doesn't give a year, though, so eventually the coupon will probably be good again. As if any of this really matters. But if you like penguins, he's a cutie!$3 or make me an offer

drop me a line!

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