Custom Made Ponies

Hello, and welcome to my custom MLP page! This is where I'm planning on showcasing all the ponies I've created or mimicked, whatever the case may be. All of these ponies were created by myself, unless otherwise noted. The scans were also done by myself, unless otherwise noted, and if I find out anyone has snitched the picture of one of my ponies without my permission, I will be VERY angry! So, if for some reason you want to use any of the scans of my custom ponies on your page or computer or whatever, e-mail me and clear it with me first. As an added incentive, I'll add your page to my link page if it's not there already.

Custom Babies

This is my own pearly Baby Surprise. When I got her, she had an orange "L" written under her neck, so I decided to customize her. First I used Oxy-10 cream to bleach off the ink mark. This can be done to most light colored ponies by smearing the cream on the spot, letting it dry on, then letting the pony sit in the sun for anywhere from a day to a month. How long the pony sits depends on how much sun the pony gets, the pony's color, and the ink mark. If you'd like more info on bleaching ponies with Oxy-10 or Clearasil cream, e-mail me. If you have a pony fix up page that I can link to, e-mail me and lmk.
After bleaching the mark off Baby Surprise, I painted her with pearly paint. The paint was Folk Art #659, Pearl White. This is the same paint that Chanth used to make her pearly Baby Glory. (She made her pearly baby first, and my idea was to just use pearly nail polish, so you could say we both used each other's ideas!) On my pearly Baby Surprise, I used two coats of paint. This gave her a good pearly look, and kept the brush strokes from being too visible. I took care to not paint her eyes, since that looks kinda weird, imo.
Editorial: I used to have a shpiel on here about the ethics of trying to pass of a custom pearly as an authentic pearly, but then took it down because I thought it was unnecessary. Then I saw pearlizing baby ponies as a possible scam at the MLP FAQ. While it would be paranoid of me to think that comment was in response to my custom, I must admit I do get paranoid at times. So I just want to say this: I've only pearlized this pony as an item in my collection. Since the authentic pearly Baby Surprise had a yellow body & non-glittery symbol, along with pearly eyes, hopefully it's quite obvious that this is a custom. And I have absolutely no intention of trying to sell her as an authentic pearlized baby pony. I do plan to make myself a few other pearlized baby ponies, but again-only for my personal collection! Now, my comments on how to make sure it's a REAL pearlized baby pony:
  • symbols are non-glittery; best way to tell is if there is a gritty or sandy looking texture to the symbol.
  • pearl paint will look light; with customs, it's most likely thick so the paintbrush strokes don't show. So if the pearl coating is thick or there are brush strokes, it's not authentic.
  • Baby Surprise, Baby Glory, and Baby Moondancer have obvious differences: being body color in the first two and lack of mane stripe in the unicorns.
  • I don't know that a custom pearlization would work well on the other three: Babies Firefly, Blossom, and Cotton Candy. First off, with Firefly, the paint vs. glitter symbol will be a major clue. As for the other two-they've always had painted symbols. However, all three have a non-white body color. The pearling paint has a very whitening affect to it. I haven't tried it out to see how a custom pearly of those three would look, but I can't imagine it would look authentic. Additionally, paint thickness or brush-strokes would be another major clue. As a last resort, if someone were to go so far as to spray-paint the pony, there's the matter of the hair, which would have to be either covered entirely, removed & re-threaded, or spray painted. I have noticed a different consistancy to Baby Blossom & Baby Cotton Candy, though-the plastic is softer in the pearlies than in the regulars.

    This is my custom twice as fancy baby, Baby Bonnie Bonnets. I used a Baby Starburst to make her. Baby Starburst's hair had been cropped off anyway, so I took the hair nubs out, used acetone to remove her diaper and symbol, then used acrylic paints to put the symbols for Baby Bonnie Bonnets on. I used Mommy Bonnie Bonnets as a guide for what symbols should go where. I also used teal paint to recolor the eyes on baby. Clear nail polish went over the eyes to shine them a bit, and I'm considering going over the symbols with it also.
    For her hair, I used curly white doll hair, which can be bought at most craft stores. The mane was made with a hair punch-basically, cut off the tip of a needle eye to make a Y formation, then put the needle point into a block of wood. (Not having any wood, I just used a needlenose pliers to maneuver my needle, but I'm getting some wood from my sister so I should have a better hair punch soon!) You use the crook in the needle eye to punch the hair into the holes to make the mane, then use glue or nail polish inside the pony's head to give the hair some base. For the tail, I looped the hair around, fastened it with a J clip, then used yarn to pull the tail out through the tail hole. After the tail was through, I snipped the hair loop. To remove the curl, I used a hot to warm curling iron. I had to be very careful about pulling on the mane, since the hair could pull right out.
    If you would like to see some more scans of Baby Bonnie Bonnets, click on the following links:
    other side

    The information on using the hair punch to rethread a mane was from Lynx (I think). The information on using a J clip to make a pony tail was from Vanessa. I have tried to credit people who gave me any fix up tips I used here, but if I mentioned your tip and failed to mention you, please lmk so I can correct my mistake!

    Custom Charmies

    At the flea market one day, I found some little flocked ponies at a crafts vendor. They looked just like a small Blossom eraser I got at an antique show, so I picked up a bunch and started customizing them to look like MLPs. Click here to see a scan of the charmies and my Blossom eraser. So far, I have made charmies of Magic Star, Bluebelle, TAF Sugarberry, Applejack, and Pretty Puff-she's the perfect size to fit inside the saddle of a secret surprise pony! If you're interested in your own custom pony charmy, lmk. Keep in mind that the colors are limited, and they only come in the earth pony mold. They're also flocked. (which is why I started off with a Magic Star one!) I will make and sell them for between 50 and 75 cents, but I haven't had many people ask for any to be made.
    Disclaimer-I have misplaced the figures to make the custom charmies with. Once they turn up, I'll update this.

    Customs I'm Working On

    I do have some ponies that I'm working on customizing, but haven't finished yet. When they are finished, I'll have a scan of the pony uploaded and the image on this page, but until then I just get to talk about the pony!

    Mommy Squirmy-this pony is being made as a result of my ponyvote page, in which people got to vote on which yellow baby pony got a mommy pony. I found a yellow fake pony and used acetone to remove her symbols and eyes. I repainted the eyes and am working on painting a snail on her hindquarters. So far, I have the basic snail shape, but no details. The pony I'm using has yellow hair, so I need to remove her yellow hair, replace it with white hair, then color the hair to match that of Baby Squirmy. I use the basic curly white doll hair, remove the curls, then color it with felt tip pens. As long as the hair doesn't get wet, the color stays in. I'm going to try a heat treatment to see if the haircolor stays-I believe Tarpan gave me that tip, but my memory is really bad so I'm not sure.

    Mommy Bunkie or Speckles-this is a Dancing Butterflies that had no hair! I've taken off her symbol, and plan on giving her lavendar hair and a symbol of diaper pins. I'm not sure what to name her, though. Maybe Mommy Spunky? :)

    Mommy Lucky-this is still just an idea. I might take a Bow Tie, remove her hair and symbol, then give her blue hair and a symbol of a horseshoe so she matches Lucky the Stallion. Another idea is to use an Applejack and give her a symbol of a pot of gold to make her part of the luck family. Lucky's aunt Goldie, perhaps? :)

    Princess custom-I have a Parasol that had no hair, and not the greatest of symbols. I took the symbol off, but haven't put a new one on yet. She had some little possible chew marks on her ears, so I've already stuck a gold earring into her ear as a kind of decoration. Now I'm thinking about using tinsel when I redo her hair to make her some kind of princess pony, but I'm not sure what to do for her symbol.

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