Snuzzle's List of Magnificent Places To Go On the Internet

I need to majorly update since I think a lot of these pages no longer exist....

Informative Sites
  • Dream Valley-the MLP collector's Bible. This is the link with lots of pop-ups, but it does give a link to the tripod site. However, since tripod now limits bandwidth use and I have a program that reduces the amount of pop-up windows I get, I've just been using the freeyellow site.
  • Buffy's Identipics-a place for you to ID your MLP's using actual pictures! Under construction.
  • MLP Good Traders List-find out who's good to deal with!

    Buy Something

    *all sellers on this list are people I have bought from before and I have found them to be reliable and trustworthy*
  • That Toy Girl's Lair-MLP's and many other toys for sale.
  • Pranceatron's '80's Toys-MLP's and many other toys for sale.
  • Donna's Collectibles-has many auctions, including MLP auctions.

    Just Have Fun
  • Avalon-this is the site that belongs to High Queen Tiffany, and the way I go to get to Dream Castle.
  • Punk Rock PonyZ!!! My page dedicated to my ponies that are all messed up. I love them anyway!
  • Ivy's Page-pony name registration, bushwoolie adoption, and the pony news.
  • Red's Little Pony Page-she posts to the newsgroup on occasion, and also likes cats!

    The MLP Newsgroup and it's Regulars
  • MLP newsgroup-okay, so I haven't been to the newsgroup in forever & a day, but until I get this section updated, it'll say all this stuff still. :)
  • Tarpan's page-the world's formost authority on MLP rarity, imo.
  • Sarah's Page o' Pony Influenced Randomness-a dash of MLPs, a sprinkling of Charmkins, stir in books and a pinch of nutmeg...or was that cinnamon?
  • Bright Eyes-her pony horoscope says I'm Magic Star, but I feel more like a Shady after watching her in the shows. Page experiencing technical difficulties.
  • Chanth's Weir-yes, I know I spelled weyr wrong, I did it on purpose.
  • Sparks' Page-can you believe she's able to mention Spice Girls and My Little Ponies on the same page, let alone the same sentence? (I'll take that off once you scan a drawing of me, Sparks! heh he heh....>;>
  • Rainbow Glade-a place to adopt butterflies, baby ponies, and ID your ponies too!
  • Locket's page-Check out her collection, and get some free pony pix if you want.

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