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    added 7/9/98
    *Heart Throbso-soft-hair needs combing, flocking rubs on wings, hooves, face, neck, and front right knee. scan of right side
    added 11/28/98
    *Twilightso-soft pegasus-flocking rubs on hooftips, eartips, wings, possibly some other areas. Area on right shoulder where flocking looks to be melted or burned? Hair needs a combing, but overall great. Small eye paint rub on right eye. scan of right side
    added 9/27/1998
    *Ticklerainbow-assorted orange marks on body. Some light glitter fade in symbol
    added 1/9/99
    *Boysenberry Piesweetberry-body is much darker than head, and rock-hard. She has a few assorted marks on her body, but nothing major. Hair looks nice-could use a combing.
    *Floatermagic message-pink ink mark on right neck area, should bleach off no problem. Hair and left side of face have a glittery sheen-eyeshadow? It should scrub off. Symbols look to be on permanantly. Some lint in tail that will comb right out.
    Twisty Tailsbrush n' grow-hair is very poofy and tangly, but otherwise nice. Tail & head mechanism work okay-possibly doesn't take tail as far in as it should. A few assorted marks on body. Scrape in plastic on front right leg.
    added 7/9
    North Starso-soft-flocking lightly nappy around neck, some rubs on wings, ears, and hoof edges. Flocking kind of dirty.
    Loftyso-soft-flocking beautiful, mane a bit frizzy at tips and has been trimmed slightly. A bit of dirt on her back legs.
    Paradiseso-soft-hair needs combing, flocking good, has rubs on wings, on left side of tail.
    *Hippety Hopso-soft-flocking nice, hair faded to white/faint pink, tiny rubs on tips of ears, glue blob on right symbol area.
    *Poseyso-soft-flocking good; lightly nappy near front, pink marks on mouth. Mane faded to white, tail a lite pink. Tiny rubs on foot edges and eartips
    added 6/27
    *Pinwheelrainbow-body has faded/discolored and is not the normal shade of dark pink. Wear on right symbol, name written under front feet.

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    I have mentioned any flaws I could notice on the ponies in their description. I don't really consider a rattle, turning head, or tail that comes out a flaw, so if this is an issue for you, please specifically ask about it. When e-mailing me to ask about trading for a pony, PLEASE copy and paste the entire description or give me some info on it's condition so I'll know which pony you want. (Especially if it's a pony I have multiples of!)

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