When isn't my page under construction!
Full time job, 2 hour commute (round trip), toddler, and now car issues. MLP Auction is over. This page is quite up to date for items, though a few might be on hold or sold.
What you should know:
  • I've described the ponies as best I can. I may fail to mention a rattling noise, a turning head, and writing under the feet. If these are important factors for you, please feel free to ask. Additionally, my daughter occasionally plays with the ponies, but I keep an eye on her to see that no damage is done, just a little fun.
  • Return policy: contact me within one week of receiving your order. You have only two weeks from when I ship to contact me, so if you don't get your package, lmk asap! (this policy is more flexible for those who buy from outside the US.)
  • If the problem is a flaw I mentioned, or you just changed your mind, I will buy back the ponies at what I charged. I will not pay you any shipping. I will not send you money until I get the ponies back.
  • If the problem is a flaw I failed to mention, you must send me a scan or picture of the flaw. I will cover the shipping one way. Payment will be made after I get the pony back.
  • I get busy. When I get busy, I don't get online. Give me at least a few days to try to reply. If it's been a week and I haven't replied, please e-mail me again, since e-mail isn't 100% reliable.
  • Prices do not include shipping or packaging. These costs depend on the order and will be calculated & e-mailed after being processed.
  • If you have questions about sending payment, please check my payment guidelines or my payment faq.

  • To Purchase Ponies:
    e-mail me and include the item number, pony name, and price. I will get you a total; after I've e-mailed you with a total, you have 2 weeks to get me payment.
  • International Pony Collectors:
    -I prefer to ship airmail, but am okay to use surface as long as you understand it takes up to two months.
    -payment must be in the form of US dollars (cash or money order fine). I can't take credit cards on Paypal!!! Sorry 'bout that!
    -If you're sending cash and need me to send change back, PLEASE e-mail me that information ahead of time! That way I can make sure I get the change together for you and your package won't be delayed.
  • A new aspect
    Yes, I have another page that is supposedly a trade list. However, due to my multiple moving in the previous years, those ponies are boxed and I honestly am not sure where they are. So I'm in the process of reorganization. In doing so, I have decided to work trades into my sale page, giving them a number (written under the foot in wax pencil for most-this will scrub right off once you get the pony). These trade ponies are kept with my sale ponies, which are always easily accessable and well organized. Rather than having a price, they have listed that they are for trade. I will trade for any MLP on my want list. Since most ponies on my want list are a bit harder to find than others, and ponies I have for trade may not be in the best of shape, I will (in some cases, depending on specifics) trade multiples for a single pony. So e-mail me if you're interested in one of those trade ponies.
    Currently, I'd really like to get the following in trade:
  • Baby Moondancer/Moondreamer, pearlized (c'mon, I know she's out there somewhere....)
  • Euro Gypsy
  • Clipper
    I do have more ponies on my want list than those, but those are some that I'm a bit more interested in. Please look at my want list if you'd like to try working out a trade.
  • the whole auction thing...
    Just finished up an auction. Will do another one in the future when I feel like it. :)

    Special deals:

    none at the moment

    Pony Preview
    links in this section probably don't work yet....
    to be listed for trade

    pearlized Baby Surprise, pearlized Baby Firefly (Pearly Baby Blossom is sold.)

    to be listed for trade

    taf Yum Yum-sold in auction, another Baby Sleepyhead

    Coming Soon:
    -another Waverunner, Kingsley, Posey, sparkle Baby North Star
    -Firefly, Mommy Sweet Celebrations, Glory, Sundance, some others my daughter has hidden

    E-mail Your Order To Me
    MLP Sale Page part 2
    MLP Sale Page part 3
    MLP Sale Page part 4
    MLP Sale Page part 5
    payment guidelines
    payment faq
    Chanth's Sale Pages-If I don't have what you're looking for, try Chanth.
    Ivy's Page is where I got the pictures of Snuzzle & Parasol-thanx Ivy!!!

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