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Little People Items for Sale or Trade

This is a list of Little People things I have for sale or trade. Shipping is extra and is to be paid by the buyer. I will trade for items on my want list.

Okay, if you actually find this page, then kudos! But I've sold a bunch of LP stuff, and what I have for sale now is here and I'll take offers, just tell me you found this bonus page or something dorky like that. :)

Little People Items for Sale
Accessories lot oneI have grouped together in this picture a green car, a white car, a merry-go-round, a dog, and a horse. I will sell as a lot or individually.price: please make an offer
Accessories lot twoI have grouped together in this picture 4 chairs (white one is broken), a toilet, a table, a suitcase, a tricycle, a table, and a plastic girl. I think many of the items in this group are not Fisher Price. I will sell individually, but I'd prefer to sell the whole lot at once.price: please make an offer
Circus AccessoriesI have grouped together here a girraffe, 2 people-a clown and a ringmaster, and some cars that can be connected. One car is wooden, and the others are plastic if I remember correctly. I'm not sure of the condition offhand, but I think the people have some wear on them and the girraffe has sad legs.price: please make an offer
Little People Lot 1this lot includes all plastic people. They are in varying conditions. I will try to make a direct scan so they are better visible. I will sell individually or as a lot.

plastic people

price: please make an offer
Note-I've been informed that plastic people usually sell for about $1 each.
MinibusScan's up now. :) It's in good shape-not mint, but not poor. Average sounds good to describe it. It will seat 5 people, but I'm not including any with it. (yeah, I'm mean! :)price: please make an offer

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Questions? Comments? Interested in something? Please e-mail me. Keep in mind-I'm a college student, Biology major, so I have a lot of classes & a lot of labs, so it can take me up to a week to reply.

List of people I've traded with-this is generally where I point people as far as references are concerned. I also have good feedback at ebay, you can search under or the_tralfamadorian -I'd give a link there but I'm not sure what it is offhand.

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