People I have traded with that are good traders

This page is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO old! I haven't traded in a really long time, though I have had a few recent trades. (Including a taf baby trade with Emily C-thanks sooo much!!!)

Here is my list of good traders. If you traded with me and aren't mentioned on here, then chances are I just forgot, so lmk and I'll put you up here. People on this list are traders that I know are reliable, honest and trustworthy. They can also testify to what they think of me as a trader.

Goes like this:
Name (if available), e-mail address, what I traded, comments(if any) always trade ponies; she has sent me Keypers also. She is an excellent, trustworthy trader and highly recommended! trade trade trade trade trade trade Bears for MLP's. I trade with her often and she's a great trader! trade trade
Lil' trade sent him Monsters In My Pocket, he sent me MUSCLE's and Battle Beasts. trade trade trade trade trade-the person formerly known as buckbuddy-she's a great trader, and she sells ponies too! Click on her name to check out her site! trade-I also made some replacement wings for her summerwing ponies too (part of the trade) trade sent her MLP's and a Care Bear cousin and she sent me MLP stuff. She's an excellent person to trade with! trade trade trade trade sent her beanie babies, she sent me MOC wear trade
Chris ( and Tayja they sent me a MLBunny and some Teenie Beanies and I sent them some ponies and Sea Wees. trade sent me Hugster and a bunch of pony wear-trust me, I'm ECSTATIC!!!! :) trade-helped me complete a few sets, and is very trustworthy! She also collects Shimmers and Sea Wees. trade; she sent me a GORGEOUS Dream Beauty!!! sent me Cha Cha the Llama, so of course she's just too wonderful!!! :)

I know I've had good trades with many more people than this! If I had a good trade with you but forgot to mention it, please remind me! If you're on this list, but your e-mail address has changed, please e-mail me to lmk what your new e-mail address is.

People I have trades pending with

This is my list of people that I have trades pending with. So far, the
trade looks like it'll work out fine, but I either haven't received 
the ponies yet or haven't sent the ponies yet. This is only where I 
list people that I'm pretty sure I'll be trading with.

Links-Check 'em out!

Snuzzle's MLP page: my main page
Good Pony Trader/Seller List: DevilzNght has made this; check it out and nominate your good traders!
Buyer Beware: Blossom can tell you more on how to prevent and deal with bad trades
Trading Rules: my guidelines for trading
Ponies I have for trade: check it out-it's quite long, but all text

Good Sellers

These are people I have bought My Little Ponies from, and can I testify that the things they send are in the condition described, sent promptly, and just a pleasure to do business with! :)

  • Miranda-she sold me Woosie, so of course she's wonderful!!! (i just LOVE happy tails ponies! :) Check out here page here.
  • Prancatron-she's sold me many ponies and is looking for Jem stuff; check out her page here.
  • more to come soon! If you've sold me ponies and want your name, e-mail address, or page address up here asap, please e-mail me with the info and I'll try to get it up right away.
    if you can't reach me there, try here: but I don't check this e-mail addy as often, so please use the first one if possible. :)

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