Bluebelle (flat foot)-$8

Mommy Apple Delight-sold

so-soft Sundance-$3

521BluebelleFlat Foot! Very Good to Excellent. Body is very nice, a few minor spots here & there and some tiny speckling at the bottom of her feet, just on the edges. Around tail is a touch of rust; may also be in base of tail hair, can't see because it's really just a touch. Hair is nice-smooth, shiny, though needing a comb-through. Symbols are very good; a bit of a scratch on left symbol & left eye, but really very tiny!$8
522so-soft SundanceOkay. Flocking is tannish in color; if I have a chance to try to clean her, I will do so & update, but I don't know if/when that may happen. Rubs on ear/hoof/nostril edges. Hair okay; tangly & needs combing, and tail looks trimmed.$3
371-Bow Tie Stamp-$4



371Bow Tie stampmissing inkpad/base piece. There are a few small black marks on the left side of the pony, but these may wash off. Overall it's in great shape, though. The stamp works perfectly, and would be great for anyone that wants to decorate notes with a stamp of Bow Tie-all you need is a stamp pad to ink it up with.$4.00
481Peachyconcave foot version. Hair a bit wild, but uncut. Body in good to okay shape-a few minor spots here & there. Symbols look great. Some minor scratches on right eye.$4

488-Sweet Berry-$4



488Basket Surprise Sweet BerryI'm not 100% on my id for this one, so please be sure to check the scan! The only movable part on this girl is her head, which turns. She has some marky looking spots on her body-some should remove with the right scrub, others may not. Overall she looks in okay to good shape. No accessories included.$4
487Magic Motion Ivy1997 pony-no accessories included. Has some pink paint? under 2 of her feet, also possibly on the side of a foot. Has some clear glittery paint on a few areas of her body-nothing too major. Overall in okay condition.$3
529Sundance1997 pony. No accessories included. Mane is a bit wild & could use some styling, but hair is otherwise in good shape. Small red mark on right side of nose; nothing major. Light scuffiness to balloon/sun area on left symbol. $3

530-Sweet Delight-$10


532-flat footed Butterscotch-$6

530Sweet DelightThis is one of the UK Cookery Ponies. I bought a second before realizing I had the first one. She's in great shape! Her body is clean and her paint & symbols look wonderful. Her hair is nice-the tail does have a bit of minor frizz at the end, along with some brown stain. Overall, she's just lovely! Click Here for another picture of her.$10
531ConfettiHere we have Confetti, the second year rainbow pony. She too has had a hair cutting; hers is the first rainbow stripe of her mane. The rest of her hair looks to be the proper length, though her tail is in a tangle and needs combing. Her body has some discoloration-it's more tan than white, and darker in some spots-I've found that this happens a lot to certain white ponies. Her paint & symbols look really good, though. A partial rehair and she'd be a nice addition to any collection! Click here for another picture.$4
532ButterscotchThis is the flat-footed version of Butterscotch. She is in nice shape. Her body has a few minor marks; there are some spots on her flanks and a bit of a black scuffy on her right shoulder. There are some chunks of plastic that are missing from her front left foot and right above her tail. Nothing too major. Her head is a bit of a different shade from her body. Hair is nice-tail a little on the poofy side, a few plugs missing from her mane. Overall she looks nice, and doesn't look bad at all. Click here for another picture.$6

no preview picture

Birthday Poster This is a birthday poster of Quackers. The scan shows the package picture. Inside the package is a folded up poster. The poster is mint, but the package is in varying condition as I have quite a few of these posters available. Overall, they're in okay to good shape. Total of 5


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