477-Sky Rocket (store)-$4.50

484-Sky Rocket (store)-$3.50

489-Snuzzle (concave foot)-$7

477Sky RocketDescription: Sparkle pony, Non-Mail Order
Body: Great. Clean, normal see-throughness, and with such you can see her tail base.
Hair: Good to Very Good. Had been braided, so you can see a wave in it from the braiding. Needs some styling as a result, and kind of poofed out.
Paint/Symbol: Great. Symbols, eyes, and cheek blush all look great!
Additional: Overall in Very Good condition, only possible flaw being that her hair has that braid-wave thing going on.

484Sky RocketSparkle pony. Store version. Body-clean; a tiny black spot on face & bit of a red spot on one foot. Under tummy has "S.T." written, under back feet has S & T. Hair-Good. Tinsel a bit crinkled. Needs brushing, but should be in good shape-doesn't look frizzy or cut. Symbols-Great-no problems I can see.$3.50
489Snuzzledescription: Great condition. Some light glue residue by neck, nothing major. Light scuff/mark on & by top heart of left symbol, but it's barely noticable. Small red line on back, nothing major. Hair is beautiful! Concave foot version.$7
514-Baby Tiddley Winks-$2

513-Baby Ribbon-$2

500-Baby Tappy-$3.50

514Baby Tiddley Winks (beddy Bye eye)Description:
Body: Okay. Kinda dirty-I forgot to wash this girl up. Eye rust; some rust in tail hole. Doesn't look like she's got permanant marks or spots, but since I didn't get her scrubbed, I can't say for sure. If anyone wants me to give her a quick scrub & re-describe her, lmk, but I'll only do so if someone expresses interest.

Hair: Good. Mane is really nice, and has some pink color to it. Tail missing!

Symbols: Okay. Possibly a bit of wear in some areas of symbol, as it looks a little lighter than other areas of the symbols, but nothing major.

513Baby Ribbon (beddy bye eye)Description:
Body: Okay to Poor. Ink mark under right symbol. Some other marks on body. Dingy/dirty look-may scrub clean, but I can't say for sure. Eyes look good.

Hair: Okay. Mane is very nice, though like most BBE's it's sticking up. No tail.

Symbols: Good. Maybe a few minor scratches here & there.

500Baby TappyDescription:
Body: Okay. Kinda marky, & has a darkish tint. Looks like she used to be a bath toy.

Hair: Okay. Getting frizzy at the ends. Some tail-base rust. Uncut.

Symbols: Very Good. A few very tiny "pinmarks" of missing paint here & there, but nothing major.

478-Kingsley the Lion-$4

Edgar the Elephant-sold


478Kingsley the LionDescription: Pony friend-lion
Body: Good-black spot on right paw, some other minor spots.
Hair: Good to Okay-has been styled, but still in need of styling. Tail has some minor frizz from about halfway down to the ends. Mane has been styled with a curling iron by yours truly.
Paint/Symbol: Good-symbols look fine; some scratches on nose paint, minor scratch on let eye, cheek blush & whisker-freckles look fine. Tongue paint may have scratches-so small to begin with that it's hard to tell.
Additional: Overall in Good condition.

516-Lovin' Kisses-$5

Pillow Talk-sold


516Lovin' KissesDescription:

Body: Very Good to Great. Some spots that are lightly dirty; should scrub up.

Hair: Very Good to Great. Tinsel is a bit crinkly. Hair is pretty smooth & silky.

Symbols: Very Good. Symbols, eyes, & cheek blush look really great; lipstick decal may have a bit missing.

no preview available
347Baby Tiddley Winksno tail, faded mane, chew marks on right legs, some small scratches on symbols. being customized
Any puzzle purchase that totals $10 or more will get you a 10% discount on your items being purchased. (please note that shipping & packaging costs will not apply to the total, nor will they be discounted)
Basically, what this means is if you buy stuff from me, and one of those items is a puzzle, and the items total $10 or more, you'll get a 10% discount. So move the decimal point on the item total to the left one digit and that's how much you'll save! :)
#2003Puzzle of Newborn Babies24 piece. very good condition, no pieces are missing- see picture here I'm not sure where this puzzle is, so it's on hold at the moment. I'll update it found when I locate it. $2.50-not available
sweetheart sisters puzzle100 pieces. complete
Year 7
picture here As you can see in the picture, I have two. I'd be more than happy to give better details if you're interested in getting one.
Windy Wing ponies puzzle24 pices. complete, poor box.
picture here
Pretty Parlor puzzlecomplete
picture here
Sprinkles' Waterfall in clouds puzzlecomplete
picture here

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