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Swirly Whirly-sold

Lavendar Lace-sold


458Sherbet Sundae Best Pony-description: Okay to good. Hair uncut and very pretty. Wear on symbols. Some paint spots on body that should remove; a few minor ink marks on body that aren't very noticable. Small plastic gouge on right rear foot. Neck seam has some dirt in it. Scent either gone or very faint. $4.50

534-Kingsley the Lion-$6

533-Creamsicle the Giraffe-$5

blue Baby Ember-sold

536-first tooth Baby Tic Tac Toe-$4

533Creamsicle the GiraffeThis is the giraffe pony friend, Creamsicle. She's just gorgeous! Body looks very nice, but if you look closely you can see that she might have some grime; a good scrub should take quick care of that. Her hair is just gorgeous, and her symbols are also in great shape. Click here for another picture.$5
534Kingsley the LionHere we have the lion pony friend, Kingsley. He is one handsome fellow! His body is in very nice shape, and his symbols & paint look wonderful. Hair is nice-mane a bit wild in spots. Tail has a section that is twice as long as the rest. He looks to have his factory curl, so I haven't brushed or combed his tail out at all. I'm leaving that up to the buyer. He really is a sweet little guy! Click here for another picture$6
536Baby Tic Tac Toefirst tooth baby-very very light wear on symbol. Wear on tooth paint. Hair in nice condition. Head & body has a bit of a blackish tint; she was probably a bath toy at one time. Light rattling noise when shaken. Head secure, as is tail. No writing under feet. Not perfect, but still very cute! Click here for another pic.$4



479Remco ponyDescription: purple unicorn with rainbow hair, white horn & hooves.
Body: Very Good. A few minor marks, one pressure mark on left side.
Hair: Good. Kinda frizzy, but that seems standard with all the Remco's I've ever seen.
Paint/Symbol: Good. Eyes look fine, hooves look a little worn on the edges. Horn looks fine.
Additional: Comes with a ponytail holder that has a rainbow-this is what is around her neck. Overall in Good to Very Good condition-I just can't rate fakies too high to begin with.

367Fake ponylavendar pony with glass eyes, purple hair. Symbol is 3 umbrellas and 3 hearts. Has a white blaze on her face. Hair is frizzy and she has a few minor spots on her body-look to be paint so they should remove.$1
Special deal! Take both 479 and 367 for $1.50!
547-Tex's Hat-$10

548-Princess Tiffany's Crown-$8

549-Princess Wand-$6

547Tex's Cowboy HatThis is the hat that goes to Tex, the big brother pony. It is in very nice shape. Some light surface dirt. There are some pinkish marks on the top of it-they look like stains, but it's nothing major. The badge on the front of the hat says "P" and looks perfect! Great for a hatless Tex, or a baby brother that looks up to him! Click here for a scan of the hat.$10
548Princess Tiffany's CrownThis is the damsel crown that went with Princess Tiffany, one of the first year princess ponies. It is purple with silver glittery hearts and teardrops. The ribbon is yellow with gold trim. There is elastic to hold the crown on the pony's head.
The crown is in nice shape. There are some red marks on some of the hearts & teardrops. Alsoo there is a smudge on one spot of the crown-nothing major. The elastic is a bit long, so I've knotted it to make it fit the pony better. Also, the ribbon has some dirt. It's still a nice item for any pony that wants to feel like royalty!
549Princess WandSo I checked out Dream Valley, and it looks like this wand can go to either of two ponies: first year Princess Tiffany or second year Princess Sunbeam. This wand isn't in perfect shape: one of the star point tips has broken off. It's still nice, though. It is deep blue in color with silver glitter throughout. There are stars and dots raised on the plastic surface. There is some scuffiness to the edges, as to be expected with a toy that has been played with. It's still a nice wand, though.$6
I will trade the above listed hats & wand for hats & wands that I need! List of wanted items to come....
537-plush Parasol-$4

550-Joelle, a Fantasy Star Filly?-$10 or best offer

550JoelleI bought her for my daughter to play with. Figured she was a good sized horse for Barbie's to ride on & play with. I know there are some Fashion Star Fillies collectors out there, though, so I figured I'd make her available if anyone really wants her. Based on the blanket she's wearing, I think her name is Joelle. She has purple hair (I know the scan makes it look pink; that's from my scanner being a bit insane when it comes to lavendar/purple hair). Her hair is very curly, and the mane has four braids with sewn ends to keep the braids in. Her body is pinkish lavendar, and her points are purple with teal hooves. There is a gold star on her right cheek. Her blanket is satiny white with blue-green trim and says "Joelle" in pink with a star in front of the name. She has some scuffs here and there, and a red paint mark? on her right hindquarter, but overall still looks rather nice.
NOTE: My daughter has too many toys! If you want horse, please feel free to make an offer if the price is unfair! She never even plays with this horse, and will not miss it at all! Plus, I'll put the money in her college savings account.
Click here for another picture.
537ParasolThis is the plush pony Parasol. She is standing with her mouth open. She is in fair condition. Her hair is rather brittle and frizzy. There are also some areas that are shorter than others in both her mane and tail. Her eyes are also quite scratched. She's still a lovely pony, great for playing with and giving love. Click here for another pic.$4-hold
538-6 pony carry case
5386 Pony Carrying CaseThis is a carrying case that will hold 6 ponies. It is in nice shape. Main problem is that one of the sides has some bending to it, so it holds open most of the time. There is also some dirt inside the case, but that should clean right out. The original owner of this case very neatly placed pony name tags onto most of the windows. The ponies pictured in 3 of the windows even have their matching name tags. Tags on the front are, left to right: Sunbeam, Cotton Candy (under her picture), Firefly, Glory, and Bubbles. There is a picture of Moondancer, but no name sticker. Turning the case, on the right end you see the picture of Seashell, with some bend to the cardboard. The back, left to right, has stickers for Blossom, Applejack (under her picture), Seashell, Bow-Tie, Moondancer (under her picture, one end pulling up a bit), and Medley. Bow Tie is pictured on the other end. Outside of the bend on the one end, the case is in very nice shape$10
539-Spike the dragon-$5

Brandy the puppy-sold

541-Megan doll, no clothes-$4

539Spike the DragonThis guy is so cute! He's the dragon that originally came with the Dream Castle. This Spike is in nice shape, some paint wear on his nails and back spines, and a small dot of paint missing from his tummy. Other than that, he's just lovely!$5.00
541Megan DollThis is the doll, Megan. She originally came with Sundance and an outfit, but here you're just getting the Megan doll. Sorry-I don't have clothes for her! She is otherwise in very nice condition. Her hair is beautiful-smooth and silky. Her face is gorgeous,. Only flaw is that her feet have a few marks that look to be pin pricks or chew marks-nothing major, but they are noticable. Her feet also look to have a tinge of red color. She's still a nice doll to have-just needs some clothes & shoes.$4
so soft Fifi-sold

543-so soft Hippety Hop-$6

543so soft Hippety HopSo-soft, first year. Flocking is nice; tiny rubs on tips of ears and left wing; glue blob on right symbol area, and a bit thin in some areas (neck, between wings, inside of legs. Hair faded to white/faint pink. She still looks very nice-I would rate her as being in Very Good condition.
Click here for another pic.
no preview available
498Magical Day Coloring BookDescription: Okay to Good condition. Inside of front & back covers have writing & coloring-scribbles.

Page Assessment: 1 page is torn out. 19 pages are completely uncolored. 27 pages have been colored, partially or fully. Of the 27 colored pages:
22 are partially colored, 5 are fully colored.
8 are colored nicely (mostly in the lines; possible a few stray marks a bit outside the lines), 16 are scribbly looking. 3 of the pages I felt were neither scribbly nor colored nicely.

507ponytail petite 3Description:

Body: Good to Okay. A few scuffs here & there.

Hair: Okay. Tail has been trimmed; half is full length; half is half length (if that makes sense!). Mane painted on (like all petites!); no rubs that I can see.

Symbols: Okay. Eyes may have minor rubs in inner corners; not sure if this is normal or not. Symbol has some wear to top left of mirror & bow on mirror handle.

508Firefly BookDescription:

Cover: Front shows Firefly on a beach with 2 children. Back has a list of other MLP books. Cover has dirt/crud on it, not sure if it will clean off. Back looks to have a grease stain. Some corner folds, minor wear. Wax pencil mark on front cover-I didn't put it there!

Inside: Two pages have a minor stain; most pages have some minor folds/creases. Overall looks quite Good.

Story: The ponies are playing when they meet some children; Firefly doesn't like children, so she flies away & gets into trouble! What will happen next?

511petite 4Description:

Body: Good to Okay. Some dingy-ish areas on her body; should scrub off, but I can't say for sure.

Hair: Great. Tail is gorgeous! Long, silky, smooth! Mane is painted on, as with all petites; no paint rubs to mane.

Symbols: Very Good. Symbol is 2 slices of pizza. Some minor rubs at tips of pizza. Inner corners of eyes not there; not sure if this is standard or if they're worn.


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